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Effective Weight-loss

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Health is wealth. Seriously. Don’t go on diets JUST BECAUSE you need to lose weight, go on a diet that is healthy and that suits you.

You know how it is when you gained weight and you want to get your old body back? Well I do. I gave birth three months ago to a 6 pound baby girl, it’s not easy, especially losing the post baby weight. So here are the things I did to shed off a few pounds.

After I gave birth, I promised myself that I will start eating healthy & living healthy as well.

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Here are three things that I harnessed that made losing weight a success:


I live by a few mantras, and one goes: “If you want something really bad, don’t just let the universe conspire, DO SOMETHING TO GET IT!”

Determination is the first step (well at least after you’ve accepted right?). If you are determined to lose weight or to start living and eating healthy then let it be the fire that’ll ignite your senses and your body to do something.


If you’re not determined enough, then look at the mirror and your old clothes. Miss wearing them? Good, that’s the start. Now if you think you can do more to help your body be healthy, be fit, then step up! Make the decision that’ll bring your sexy back back! (literally) That my friend is what DETERMINATION is!

If you think you can do it, then you know YOU CAN DO IT!


Doing something permanent requires effort and effort not only comes from you, but also from the idea that people around you (the ones who truly love you) have your back. SUPPORT is a crucial part in any new, especially challenging endeavor. It builds trust, hope and more importantly confidence that YOU CAN DO IT!


Don’t be shy. Speak up! Tell your partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, friends, family, son/daughter,mother/father. Whoever is immediate and important to you. It is important that you do so in order for them to understand you. So that on your next dinner date maybe you can (both) pick a healthy restaurant. Ask for a healthy recipe from them or even share a healthy habit. Who knows, maybe you can influence them in your endeavor to eat and live healthy as well!


Being comfortable & happy is the ultimate key to a SUCCESSFUL HEALTHY EATING & LIVING. Don’t go all vegan just because others loss weight through it. You need not be a rocket scientist to know that baby steps are required in every beginning of something. You don’t want to be all stressed-out because it might ruin your focus.


Go at your own pace, remember that every individual has a UNIQUE BODY. What works for others may not work for you and vice versa. Block any negativity or anything that can distract you from achieving a healthy lifestyle. If it helps, reward yourself for every little accomplishment you’ve done in becoming a healthy eater & in living a healthy life. Happiness as they say is a state of mind. I say happiness is always present, waiting to be tickled in order for it to be truly felt. Have a little notebook or blog or tweet about your progress or create a playlist that can help stimulate endorphins while doing things that can make you lose weight.

Now, here are the three basic ways I did that help me lose my post baby weight & have a healthy eating habits & lifestyle:


Yes, you read that right. EAT! I am a sucker for sweets especially chocolates and junk food so it’s really hard to give them all up at the same time!


Eat small meals a day. I roughly eat 6-8 meals a day. Eat just enough and stop if you think you’re full not when you’re satisfied (it’ll lead to over eating).

Choose a treat. If you love sweets & sodas then you have to choose between them, eat only one in a day, then gradually eat them once a week (preferably pick a cheat day that works for you, usually weekends are good).

Replace anything white with brown. White rice to Brown rice, white breads to wheat or multi-grain breads, white sugar with brown or muscovado and white pasta with vegetable pastas.

Fruity Nut! Snack up on fruits and nuts instead of junk! I’ve been eating walnuts, almonds and pistachios for snack as replacement for junk foods and fruits as replacement for sweets such as chocolates. The benefits you get out of them are worth it! If you can’t fully replace it, then add it. I add fresh fruits and mix it with my chocolates!

It seriously helps if you eat more vegetables and fish. Not only do you get full easily with one serving (compared to carbs such as rice or pasta) but it’s also packed with various vitamins. Spell HEALTHY!


Hydrate. Drink. No, not alcohol (occasionally is OK!) but rather water or fresh juices! Did you know that the less water you take the more it’ll retain in your body? So drink up!


Warm water helps breakdown food particles more than cold water.

Tea it! Tea helps you concentrate, relax and detoxify, plus with so many flavors to choose from.

Fresh & Soy Milk. So you’re not a tea nor a water lover, so what? There’s always milk. A warm glass of milk before bedtime helps you sleep at night.

Home-made Sodas. If you’re the type who can’t resist soda then go ahead and create yourself a home-made one. Department stores & other novelty home stores offer soda makers, fun and healthy rather than your favorite can of soda. Try it!


You won’t lose weight just by eating & drinking right. You have to move right as well. Every movement counts. That means just by sitting on your desk you lose a few calories. So think of ways in which you can lose those extra pounds.


Stretch & Move. Stretching is as good as moving. It helps your body prepare to whatever tasks it needs to do. Do errands such as grocery, washing the dishes, cleaning the car and so on. I personally put my shampoo & conditioner on the shower floor and squat to reach for it, talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Walk. If you’re working then walk at least a few blocks on your way to eat lunch out or on your way to or from work. If you’re a stay-home mom then I suggest walk your baby around the park. If you love shopping then walk your way to the biggest mall. Walking can be done in so many fun ways!

Are you a sport!? Got any? Swimming is one of the easiest way to burn calories. Basketball with your husband perhaps? How ’bout biking across town or off-road? Marathons are also “in” these days, who knows, you might get to run with your favorite celebrity!

I live by one of my mantras: “Things, when done in short-cut always end up temporary.”  So do things right, let your body gradually lose weight ‘coz logically, you didn’t gain weight over night.

I am now a firm believer that sudden lost of weight is NOT HEALTHY AT ALL and that EATING HEALTHY IS FAR BETTER & MORE PERMANENT!


A plan is not a plan without a goal. The end in mind is always as rewarding as the reward itself. So if you’re losing focus always remember the reward that awaits. It may be the pounds you’ve shed off ,or the idea that you’re no longer easily attacked by viruses, or the thought that you’d fit into your favorite pair of jeans. Whatever helps you get motivated, DO IT!


Create a mood board or anything that can remind yourself of the reward you’ll get.

For every pound you lose is equivalent to a reward. So you loss a pound in two weeks, that’s good. Now reward yourself to a spa or a mani-pedi. It’ll do not only wonders to your body but also to your will-power!

10 lbs lost in 2 months

We all know it’s not easy but that’s EXACTLY the motivation you need. To be challenged and to know that YOU CAN DO IT!

I hope this will not only motivate you but will also prep you to be healthy!

Good luck! 😉