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FF: Crisostomo, Eastwood

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Celebrated Philippine Independence Day by eating at Crisostomo in Eastwood City Libis.

Pardon the quality of pictures, I used my phone.


Cozy Ambiance

They have nice interior. I especially like their chairs, its stylish yet comfortable.

The price is not so bad, each dish ranges from P100-P400 depending on the specialty of the dish. If I’m not mistaken ours cost around P200-P300/dish good for at least 2 persons per dish. Not bad at all!

For late lunch, we ordered Ginisang Monggo (Mung Beans Soup) & Bopis

very Pinoy presentation of food

Ginisang Monggo or Mung Beans Soup is a poor man’s dish in Filipino, but I tell you this is not a poor dish at all!

Beans anyone?

Ginisang Monggo is one of my favorites! It’s a very healthy dish, infused with malunggay leaves (moringa) which adds up flavor.

Ginisang Monggo

topped with chicharon & shrimps

Crisostomo’s Ginisang Monggo has chicharon (pork skin) & dried shrimp toppings. It makes the beanie soup crunchy and more flavorful.

w/ tuyo toppings too!

Tuyo (dried fish) is one of the famous “poor man’s” food as well. It is a salty flavorful fish that is soaked in (Olive) oil and can be eaten along with rice, dipped in vinegar or mixed with tomatoes. It’s also perfect as a topping for Ginisang Monggo or even in Champorado too.


Bopis, is another famous Filipino dish. It is a mixture of sautéed pork lung and heart with tomatoes, onion and chili pepper.

What I like about Crisostomo’s Bopis is that it’s chewy, cooked just right, tender yet gives the teeth something to chew.

cute fish saucer

I like eating spicy foods and if it’s not spicy enough I put on additional condiments, particularly patis (fish sauce) w/ chili pepper.


a touch of Filipino culture

Their interiors give you a modern feel yet still manages to incorporate a Filipino touch. Spot the wall of Maria Clara & Jose Rizal inspired pictures.

The over-all experience in Crisostomo was good. Food was great, ambiance was lovely and service was excellent. Oh did I mention the place has wi-fi? Just ask one the staffs for the password. 🙂 YAY!

Crisostomo is located at:

2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no. (02) 7101693

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  1. oh wow!!!! i miss filipino cooking!!!!

  2. I see it! 😀 I really went through your Food Frenzy just to look for this! :))


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