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Tried & Tested: Tofu Chips

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I’m a junk food addict but after I gave birth I suddenly had no appetite for it. I know it’s weird that 24 years of my life junk food had been part of my staple diet but then in less than a year I let go.

I might have let go of my stashing of junk food but my urge to munch on DVD nights & game nights is still there. So I figured if I had lessen my appetite for junk, then probably I can increase my appetite for healthy snacks and so I did.

I present to you my new staple snack

Assorted Tofu Chips at P31.00

I love grocery shopping & sometimes I tend to buy things even if I haven’t used the product or don’t really need it. So I stumble upon these babies at a chinese deli in V Mall namedΒ Tin Hok. They offer a variety of imported (not exclusively) products and mostly are snacks.

I first tried the spicy tofu since I love spicy foods and the sour cream flavor since I love sour cream as well. I LOVED IT!

Spicy flavored had a tangy taste to it but just a hint while the sour cream is flavorful & just right. On my next visit I tried the other variants; barbecue, white cheddar & cheese. The barbecue was alright, the usual barbecue flavor (like that of a popcorn) while the white cheddar taste a bit salty, while the cheese flavor was a bit bland (not like of a popcorn flavored cheese).

So I’ve ended up liking my first two picks: Spicy & Sour Cream πŸ™‚

Oh I forgot, they also have plain tofu chips, it’s best eaten with dips (I prefer spinach dip over salsa)

Now I am proud to say that I eat healthier than before and no I’m not gonna be a vegan anytime soon. πŸ˜‰

Have a few other healthy snacks to share so stay tuned! πŸ˜‰


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  1. you had me at spicy tofu chips! now i want them! hahaha


    • haze! does Pitoy have basketball game next week? I have pa the spicy, tell him to drop by so I can give πŸ˜‰ sarap! pwede pang beer buddy? heehee

  2. parang i love these jackie!!! πŸ˜€


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