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Twenty five

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Today I turn twenty five years old. The silver year. 2 decades and a half, 300 months,100 weeks, 9,125 +/- days. A year older. A year wiser. I love birthdays, it’s the occasion that requires (if not) totally at least less drama. It’s a celebration of life.

Birthday’s history according to Wikipedia: Herodotus considers Achaemenid Persians (Iranians), among first who celebrated birthday. He states that: “Of all the days in the year, the one which they celebrate most is their birthday. It is customary to have the board furnished on that day with an ampler supply than common, they eat little solid food but abundance of dessert, which is set on table a few dishes at a time… They are very fond of wine.”

“…ampler supply than common” with this I could say there are 25 things I’ve learned,  25 random things about me & 25 things I want to do, that I now share to you.

25 things I’ve learned

1. Family will always come first.

2. You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody, especially those who are important to you.

3. You can never be 100% truthful to others, but you can be to yourself.

4. Money can buy you happiness but not love.

5. Most of the time, your priorities define you.

6. Doing the same thing everyday but with a different attitude could be counted as spontaneous.

7. Knowing not to make the same mistake twice is far better than not making any mistake at all.

8. Karma is not a vicious cycle but if you think so, be very afraid.

9. If someone annoys you, get over it.

10. Your worst critic should ONLY be yourself.

11. Forgive but don’t forget.

12. Life really is not like the movies.

13. Having control is a great weapon.

14. Knowing when to stop is harder to do as to when to start.

15. Motherhood is the best title in the world.

16. Next is being a wife.

17. When it comes to love, relationship & friendship money should not be an issue.

18.  Earthly things are not worth stressing about.

19.  There’s no such thing as “shit-holes”, ‘coz it’s all about perspectives.

20. There’s no such thing as accident nor luck.

21. The good will most of the time triumph the bad, but not always.

22. Everyone could be a ray of sunshine & a lightning storm at the same time.

23. Ignorance is far better than stupidity.

24. There’s nothing & no one in this world that’s flawless & lawless.

25. Some people would want to be you, why try to be someone else?

25 random things about me

1. Loves cartoons, even if I’m old & gray I’d still watch them.

2. Cowboy, not picky about places & people.

3. I love being a wife & a mother, it’s my 2 favorite titles of me ever.

4. I am a bookworm, book store is one of my favorite shops.

5. I am certain that I am not a shopaholic nor chocoholic nor junk food addict anymore.

6. I was a lefty when I was a kid.

7. I am a self-diagnosed dyslexic (been meaning to see a doctor though).

8. I like facts & trivia.

9. I am easy to please.

10. I always think of the worse case scenario but I am a positive person.

11. I would love to live in a place,city or country that has a lot of clean green parks.

12. My pet peeve would be loud mouth people in a movie house.

13. I am fixated with extrovert things & people.

14. I often times have deja vu.

15. I have a hard time being rude.

16.I find myself clumsy when doing things for the first time.

17. I am a homebuddy.

18. I find intellectual stimulation sexy.

19. I have many skills but I don’t think I excel at a particular one.

20. Not a fan of people who are full of themselves, call them vain or narcissistic I don’t like them.

21. I like watching basketball.

22. I might be fickle minded but I’m not picky.

23. I am a defensive driver.

24. I am not good at small talks, I find it irrelevant.

25. I don’t like creepy crawly slimy things.

25 random things I want to do

1. I want to see the world.

2. I wanna have a library in my future dream house.

3. Bunjee Jump

4. Watch classic plays such as Wicked, Les Miserables & Cats.

5. Ride a carriage.

6. Ride a hot air balloon.

7. Go hiking.

8. Create & have an heirloom for my kids.

9. Learn how to dance.

10. Drive a luxury car.

11. Get a diving license & start diving.

12. Go on a cruise.

13. Learn a language.

14. Learn a culture.

15. Visit the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.

16. Celebrate my Golden Wedding Anniversary.

17. Live in a foreign land.

18. Grow old with my husband.

19. Raise 3-5 healthy kids of my own.

20. Build my dream house.

21. To meet the Pope.

22. Learn Martial Arts.

23. Ride an Elephant.

24. Take an unplanned trip & bring no luggage with.

25. Take a deep breath & take a plunge.

Cheers to 25 years of existence! 🙂

Next year I hope my list would be better & some, if not all of them I’ve done by then.


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  1. Love this Jackie!=)
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy bday!!!!! May all you wish for come true 🙂

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