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Happy 1st birthday my Gabbie!

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I haven’t been blogging for a while now,oh how I miss it!

I’ve bee busy for the past few weeks preparing for my daughter’s 1st birthday celebration on Sunday but now I’ve taken time to blog on her exact birthday which is today.


at exactly 10.39 am of 02.10.10 I heard your first cry. Now you have 7 teeth, walks like a kid & sits like an adult. ♥ Happy birthday babe!

I could say that I am a lucky person, most especially a lucky mother.


I hadn’t experience labor pains mainly because I was scheduled to undergo Caesarian section.

Even though I had a hard time kicking-off breastfeeding, I was able to manage & breastfeed Gabbie in her early months.

She was easy to burp, feed & change. She was the kind of baby who was never grumpy nor colic.

As early as 3 months, Gabbie was able to regulate her sleeping pattern & slept soundly-straight every night.

She loves taking a bath as much as she loves sleeping & eating, she looks forward to it & would cry every time bath time is finished.



I love taking care of her, she’s an easy baby to deal with & everyone loves her.

I am very thankful & grateful that I was a given a chance to be her mother.

Maybe someday, when Gabbie’s older she’ll get to read this & know how much I appreciate & love her.

How  proud I am of her, of her little antics & ways to make anyone smile, her charms that worked on the young & old.

And of how she lights the room whenever she’s around.



Every mother’s wish for her child is to grow up healthy & wise.

I wish Gabbie nothing but the best yet I won’t wish for nothing to happen to her, instead I’ll wish that whatever happens to her will make her a better person & will make her grow stronger & wiser.


You sure grow up so fast but regardless, you'll forever be my babe.

Cheers babe! Looking forward every 10th of February!

Mom loves you!



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  1. Happy happy birthday Gabbie.. 🙂 God bless..

  2. belated happy birthday to your adorable daughter. can’t believe she slept through the night at 3 months! so bait naman your baby. my daughter still wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes (she’s 4 years old). anyway, thanks for following my blog, glad to have found a fellow ican! haha, what batch are you from? im ’98 =)

    • HIyeeee! Thank you for the greeting! Batch ’98 grade school ako but up until grade 3 lang coz I transferred school & house. My cousins though lasted. I think batch mate mo my husband who’s from Xavier naman 🙂 Oo nga, I can say I’m lucky ‘coz she’s a very good baby, yun lang baka next babe ko total opposite of her. 🙂


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