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Veggie Macaroni Spaghetti

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I am very lucky that Baby G (a shorter nick for Gabbie) loves eating. She is never the picky type, we’ve started her with cereals when she was 3 months old (as per her Dr. Ayel Nuguid‘s order) but eventually she never liked processed/artificial foods. That’s when we introduced vegetables & fruits to her. So far she loves broccoli, sayote, papaya, kalabasa, spinach, upo, papaya,patola, carrots (even though she cannot digest it properly) and as for fruits she likes papaya, mango, banana,melon,orange, and apple.

I never pureed nor mashed her food much mainly because she likes textures and that I really don’t mind (makes my cooking easier), as long as they’re a size of a pea all is good for her to eat!

Moving on, yesterday I’ve cooked for her spaghetti using vegetable pasta. Since we’ve noticed that other than rice, vegetables, and fruits, baby G also loves breads (pastries) and pastas!

Here are the ingredients & 3 easy steps on how to make your own spaghetti.


The ingredients

L-R clockwise: Del Monte Tomato & Cheese Pasta Sauce, Nui No vegetable macaroni (around P30 for 250g) Eden cheese, half white onion and 3 cloves garlic, Magnolia chicken (I opted for thigh part)

3 easy steps:

1. Boil about 1 liter of water in a pot, pour in the vegetable macaroni pasta. Cover and let it cook for 3-6 minutes (up until it’s al dente). Drain and set aside.


Macaroni ribbons

Add color to your kid’s/baby’s food so that it’s more appealing for them to eat, also these cute ribbon design makes it fun for kids & kids at heart 😉


aren't they cute?

2.Cut and slice the onion (wedge), garlic (chopped) and chicken (diced), in a sauce pan add olive oil and saute altogether the garlic,onion & chicken for 2 minutes or until chicken is relatively cooked. Lastly add the tomato pasta sauce, simmer for 2-3 minutes then set aside.


chopped up

chicken,onion & garlic all chopped up and ready to saute.


ze spaghetti sauce

See the black image on the sauce? It’s black sliced olives, I wanted to add more sweetness  to it and black olives are just perfect!

3. Put in a bowl or plate the ribbon vegetable macaroni and top it off with your pasta sauce. You can also put cheese, I know I did take a photo of cheese in my ingredients but when I tasted the pasta sauce, it was perfect even without cheese (note that the pasta sauce is tomato & cheese flavor)



Now for the taste test, meet my food critic Gabbie.


G loved it!

Apparently she loved it! I thought she might find it too sweet & sour due to the tomato flavor,turned out she likes flavorful dish.



The look on her face saying she’s happy & satisfied with her lunch is just priceless! 🙂

Thanks for liking it babe! 🙂



Today’s Outfitey: Cropped Pants

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You know how we girls love jeans? Well I do, particularly those body-hugging slim fit jeans that makes me look skinnier and taller. But for the new year I’ve promised myself that I would push my boundaries & be more experimental when it comes to styling and clothing. One of it would include owning different cuts and styles of pants.

So today’s key piece: I share with you my cropped pants.


cut the crop! LOL

It’s also called genie pants, unlike any normal straight cut cropped pants this particular one tends to be “ballon-ish”. The cropped bottom has a button on each leg so when I tried to pull up my pants, nagmuka talaga akong genie. LOL I liked it though, the cut is unusual and it’s nice for tall girls like me (talagang pinanindigan ko na tall ako eh no?) it’s not bulky as you think rather it gives the illusion of being slimmer & taller. Oh did I tell you the best part? I got this beauty for only P300. Sale kase! I love SALE! 😀


Blue tank top: Cotton On

Black Cropped Pants: Memo (winner ang sale!)

Red Belt: Memo (mas mahal pa sya by P50 kesa sa pants pero deadma na!)

Gray Wooden Wedge: Zara

You can pair up dark colored pants with bright colored top or belts. I’ve been on the dark side (not the kind of dark side you’re thinking) of clothes ever since I can remember. Favorite ko an mono tones kase it’s easy to pair and mix & match kahit iba ang textures, cuts and details. But then like I said, it’s time I move out of my comfort zone and really style my wear. The red belt made the outfit more lively di ba? You can also opt for a yellow, mustard or brown belt para ma-iba lang ang hues.

Ngayon ko lang na-realize na yun styling ko pala is about being “crisp & clean”. Wit ko pa carry yun magulo at ang daming nagaganap sa isang outfitey. Najijilo vega ako! Parang malakas maka-irita lang pag magulo ang outfit for me. Pero ika nga ni Ara Mina “We can never can really tell” malay nyo in my next post ma-achieve ko ang “wild styling”, for that I shall chanel the inner Mitch Dulce & Kate Torralba in me. For the mean time magpapaka-Twiggy muna ako.

That’s all 🙂

photo c/o The husband (in fer, pumayag ang boss ko na gawin ko syang personal photographer, very supportive! gudjob Mr. Go!)


(yes hug hug hug ang gusto ko, maiba lang :p)


350 Challenge: Help fight climate change

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So I was browsing online about climate change solutions when I stumble upon a unique way of helping fight climate change as a blogger.

There’s a site called Brighter Planet’s 350 Challenge


350 challenge

Bright Planet’s challenge at first is to get 350 bloggers to sign up under a month and for every blogger they can offset 350 pounds of carbon under the blogger’s name. That’s flicking off 100 lightbulbs a day or going two full weeks without using your car. This is a great way in showing how much you support and help fight global warming, it’s so easy all you have to do is go to Brighter Planet’s website to start.


two easy steps

Let’s all try to do our part in saving our Earth, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big step or a small one. What matters is that we’ve made a move to do so. After all, it’s our kids and future that’ll benefit most from it.



You’ve got questions about 350 challenge? They’ve got answers.


I think it’s time for a greener environment and a greener you.

B&T Burrito & Tacos Mexican Kitchen

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There’s a Mexican restaurant that’s been opened a few months now in my neighborhood and it’s called B&T (Burrito & Tacos) Mexican Kitchen. It’s very timely that one weekend I craved for a burrito, so the husband obliged to accompany me to order a take out. Here’s a look on B&T Mexican Kitchen.


B&T Mexican Kitchen with their nachos & chile guajillo

B&T’s bright and fun interior makes it enticing to dine in but we opted for a take out since we live across the restaurant. Next time, I’ll try their nachos and their chile guajillo. I love everything chili, sweet & spicy is my thing.


It's as easy as 1-2-3

There’s an easy step by step guide in finding the right meal for you.

Decide first between a Japanese or Korean fusion.

Step 1: Choose your meal.

I choose the wheat tortilla burrito

Step 2: Choose your filling

For meat I choose Carne Asada & Chicken Jalapeno (since I like it hot)

You may request to have 2 meat filling or even up to 3 fillings so that you can have a taste of the different flavors.

For the rice I opted for red one (I forgot what it’s called I think it’s Chorizo rice?)

All the other toppings I had put since my palate loves different flavors.


good preparation is the key

I love eating anything with sauce, it just makes food much tastier!

So I had my burrito “wet”  for an additional  P90


look, more sauce!

Smothered with more salsa and cheese then toasted to perfection!


drinks & dessert

check out B&T’s other dishes, plus their drinks & dessert.


modern meets mexican

I like the black & orange contrast, not to mention the hand painted bottles displayed on the top of the food counter.


my wet wheat burrito

Overall I find my B&T experience good, service was quick and efficient. Their menu is flexible to mix & match, and the food is proportioned when it comes to taste yet serving is big enough it’s good for sharing. Also who can argue with their affordable price?

Visit B&T Mexican Kitchen

G/F Sekai Building (right across Ash Creek Center)

Ortigas Ave. San Juan City, Philippines

Tel. No. 975-18-50

Today’s Outfitey: Brogues

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I’ve been bombarded the past few days by friends to create a look book. To be honest, I don’t think my outfits are look book worthy or I’m just to lazy to mix & match my clothes to be look book worthy. LOL

Sooooo after thinking about it, I decided to give in. Since I find dressing up to be fun, I thought it won’t do harm posting my “creations” & channel the inner stylist in me. Sabeeeeeh?! Plus, I think this’ll be beneficial to me in the long run, so as to see how my dressing & wardrobe improve over time. LOL

I named this part of my blog as “TODAY’S OUTFITEY!” Becky na becky lang right? Trulili, I am also channeling the inner becky in me. Para catchy, short but sweet and straight to the point. Waley na ang mga pa-cute names ng looks para easy for everybody. I’ll be featuring one or two key pieces in every outfitey para easy breezy covergirl lang ang dating! :p


Ladies & Beckys, here’s my very first published outfitey.


Back to brogues

I have tons of basic colored clothes, mainly earth colors and a good way to spice up such colors is to add key pieces such as a necklace or a fab shoes.

E yun meron na pala ang sisterette ko ng black & white brogues noon circa 1990s? Kalowka pinamigay lang nya 😐

Today’s key piece

So nagbighani muli ako sa brogues. Ganda lang kase. I was torn between the black & the beige one but then again I chose the latter, it’s more feminine plus beige/cream colored shoes tend to make your legs look longer. Ika nga ni Melanie Marquez, “I am long-legged!” LOL. Siya na! :p


Black studded top: Mango

Mocha soft blazer: Cotton On

White shorts: Forever 21

Beige Brogues: Renegade Folk

Bag: Louis Vuitton

That’s all. 🙂



photo: c/o yayey ni Gabbie :p

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Please fall in line PROPERLY.

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While on my way to a Price Club store for its membership sale, I heard on the radio that affected areas in Japan are now suffering scarcity with their basic commodities, primarily food. Given that situation it is said that the Japanese were willing to wait for a at least 6  hours to fall in line just to get whatever supply of commodity is available. Everything was in order, no one complained and everyone patiently waited for their turn.

So as I’ve reached the grocery entrance, people where standing  as far as the parking area and are trying to find their way on how to get inside the grocery first. Crazy as it may seem but after more than a few minutes (say 20-40 minutes) of lining up, a few (mostly elderly) people started coming up to the security personel asking what’s taking so long and  why they have not allowed anyone to enter. A good explanation was heard from the head of the security saying that a lot of people are still inside so they needed to wait for at least 10 people to go out.

Again, after a few more minutes, they’ve let a few people in. But the thing is, from where we were standing it seemed as if the line had not moved at all. One elderly lady noticed it and addressed this concern to a security personel, that some people who just came (without going at the end of the line) were actually the ones who got in first. This started a tension and almost everyone near the entrance ganged up on the security personel, pointing on how incompetent they are to secure a proper line and on how they allowed those who are not properly in line to get in first. Spell CHAOS.

So the main problem was the lack of preparation for the part of the grocery. They should’ve seen it coming that a lot of people will be storming their store because for most of us, the word SALE is alway enticing even more if you add on BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE?! Right.

There were no barricades or even a rope to guide the shoppers as to where the lines would start and end. When we got there, there was a big SNAKE shaped line (yes, snake)  not a zigzag nor S line formation. The snake line kept going & going until eventually people were piling up and there was no visible line. Thus, transforming the once quiet people on cue into an “angry mob” who all along wanted one thing to happen: to have a properly guided line in which they can fall in; which means no line-cutting,no VIP treatment,no pushing and no lame excuses such as:  I-was-already-inside-but-need-to-get-back-in-again, to not have a butt to butt,armpit to face,foot to foot and I-can’t-barely-breathe-‘coz-your-squishing-me-kind of moment with a total stranger. And after a few more conversations between the “angry mob” and the grocery staff, the latter were able to resolve the dilemma by creating a human chain to barricade the people trying to cut the line, then the CHAOS turned into a CALM STORM. Everyone was quite happy. Almost.

As what Ricci Chan tweeted:



Imagine this happened during a SALE of a store, people acted as if they’ll do anything to get in. What more can people do if they literally need to survive?  Beyond chaos. That I don’t want to imagine.

You see, today is no exception. People always tend to hurry, and will always choose a free way over a maze.


Where’s the line? NADA.


photo courtesy of

I wish all lines would require a certain proximity to avoid getting one each other’s space.


Tell me you can read the sign. Show me that you can.


‘Coz these ducks sure can.


You see we could learn from what happened in Japan, in a very simple way. We can learn from them that the best way to do things especially when in crisis is to react quickly yet calmly.


So please, fall in line properly.