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MAC Cosmetics: Wonder Woman Collection

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Can I start by saying YAY?!


As I’ve said on my other entry , I am not a fan of make-up products & only buy when I need to. BUT! (Yes, all caps!)

Since I am a MAC Cosmetics user (the only brand I feel like my skin is used to), I was too excited for their  Spring 2011 collection & decided to buy even though I don’t think I need to.

Ladies & Bekkies! I present my Wonder Woman goodies.


isn't she gorgeous?!

Could you resists your childhood hero? I can’t! Wonder Woman has been part of my childhood! She’s someone almost all girls (and gays) look up to! Her personality empowers every young woman from my generation & the previous ones (even the generation today).

It’s really hard to pick a few from the collection, for all of them are just adorable! So as hard as it is to choose, I was able to pick my top 5.


Not a fan of dark hues when it comes to lipstick, so I opt to get a neutral shade. I also like bright & shocking lipstick colors such as Vegas Volt & Girl About Town.

Penultimate Eye Line

My staple make-up look would always include eye liner. So Penultimate is the way to go, it’s not messy nor smudges.

Just perfect.

Emancipation Lipglass

Not much a fan of shine, I only have 2 lip gloss (this one being the third) all in pink hues (one in super bright pink & the other in pale pink) This shade sits just right in the middle. I bet this would look good with a neutral shade such as Hug Me.

Opulash in Victorious

I was so tempted to by all three beautiful colors (blue & green) but I choose to get the violet one. It looks a stand out from the two other colors. It’s a vibrant hue! Who knows, I might feel victorious once I wear it! 😉

Lady Justice Eye Shadow

Very very cute packaging! :p

beautiful hues

I’ve been used to using dark blue eyeshadow because I have big almond eyes. It’s one of my staple colors together with brown/bronze and the ever reliable smokey black. I also use dark blue eye shadow for a smokey effect. (Will try to post another entry about make-up looks)

I saw a review about it after I’ve already bought it & saw a much better review for Valiant , I was tempted to buy Valiant as well given that one of my favorite colors is green. But then again, I’m happy with Lady Justice. She’s pretty enough as it is. The trick is to blend the colors properly so no matter how flaky or cake-ish a shadow is, you can compensate on how you apply it & blend it.

The Wonderful Wonder Woman

I would like to thank Denise Omana for getting all these for me at Macy’s 🙂

I, together with Cierre Anne Tan are one of the lucky few who won’t have to wait in line for the launching of Wonder Woman Collection on March 19,2011.

YAY na YAY! 🙂

P.S. No, I am not a make-up addict. It just so happen that I love MAC Cosmetics & Wonder Woman at the same time 🙂


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  1. Sofie Salvador-Morabe

    yay! love it 🙂 I like the lipstick! FOTD na! yihii!

  2. jackie! dapat sa pinas may ZsaZsa Zaturnnah edition for the bekkies! 🙂

  3. super like!:) isn’t available in mnl? d2 kasi ko sa province e..


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