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National Bloggers Association of the Philippines

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I am one of the thousands of Filipinos who blog mainly because I love to. I am somehow new to this industry, as much as I love and have always been writing, I still don’t feel like blogging is THAT safe. This is one reason why I signed up to be part of the National Bloggers Association of the Philippines. The main goal of the said manifesto is to unite all Filipino bloggers and promote common practices. I believe that being united is always good, it makes those impossible tasks achievable and that the Filipino saying “The more the manier” is always fun err merrier. LOL

Here’s the (draft) manifesto of the NBAP

lifted from

One country, one blogging community. A Manifesto of Filipino bloggers and netizens (Draft) March 7, 2011
We, Filipino bloggers coming from various places nationwide and those based overseas, coming from diverse backgrounds and specialties, using various new media outlets, hereby freely come together and call for the formation of a bloggers association of the Philippines that shall unite us around these common and beneficial objectives:
• Promote and defend the right to free speech and to free expression;
• Promote and develop blogging, vlogging, photoblogging, microblogging and other online creative and expressive forms in all their diverse categories, topics and types;
• Gather and share Philippine blogging’s best practices that reflect our contributions to ourselves and our online communities, media, causes, organizations and businesses, government, the nation and the world;
• Draft and adopt a code of ethics that underscore the members’ and organization’s sense of responsibility and maturity;
• Discuss issues and concerns that confront our members; and
• Campaign and work for more affordable, reliable and better internet access in the country
The association we aspire to form is voluntary in membership, national in scope, democratic in decision-making, progressive in outlook, and both non-partisan and non-profit in legal character.
• We draw inspiration from and ask the participation of the city-wide, provincial, regional and island-wide associations, summits and conventions initiated by bloggers across the country.
We also pay tribute to overseas Filipinos and their blogging organizations and events.
• We want an association that makes decisions based on democratic processes, consensus-building and mutual benefit. A long time has passed since the first blog posts and first blogging events. We are now a bigger, stronger and influential community.
Businesses, causes and government have started to organize themselves to interact and engage with us. And we also face challenges within and outside our growing community. The Philippines, our country and people are also expecting more from us, and we bravely and fearlessly say that we want to do more and achieve more In view of all these and more, we declare that we are joining as founding members of what we hope would be a most awesome bloggers association for our country.

So if you’re a (Filipino) blogger whether for fun, for profit or just because then I say sign up

be seen, be heard and be part of the the first National Bloggers Association of the Philippines.


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