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B&T Burrito & Tacos Mexican Kitchen

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There’s a Mexican restaurant that’s been opened a few months now in my neighborhood and it’s called B&T (Burrito & Tacos) Mexican Kitchen. It’s very timely that one weekend I craved for a burrito, so the husband obliged to accompany me to order a take out. Here’s a look on B&T Mexican Kitchen.


B&T Mexican Kitchen with their nachos & chile guajillo

B&T’s bright and fun interior makes it enticing to dine in but we opted for a take out since we live across the restaurant. Next time, I’ll try their nachos and their chile guajillo. I love everything chili, sweet & spicy is my thing.


It's as easy as 1-2-3

There’s an easy step by step guide in finding the right meal for you.

Decide first between a Japanese or Korean fusion.

Step 1: Choose your meal.

I choose the wheat tortilla burrito

Step 2: Choose your filling

For meat I choose Carne Asada & Chicken Jalapeno (since I like it hot)

You may request to have 2 meat filling or even up to 3 fillings so that you can have a taste of the different flavors.

For the rice I opted for red one (I forgot what it’s called I think it’s Chorizo rice?)

All the other toppings I had put since my palate loves different flavors.


good preparation is the key

I love eating anything with sauce, it just makes food much tastier!

So I had my burrito “wet”  for an additional  P90


look, more sauce!

Smothered with more salsa and cheese then toasted to perfection!


drinks & dessert

check out B&T’s other dishes, plus their drinks & dessert.


modern meets mexican

I like the black & orange contrast, not to mention the hand painted bottles displayed on the top of the food counter.


my wet wheat burrito

Overall I find my B&T experience good, service was quick and efficient. Their menu is flexible to mix & match, and the food is proportioned when it comes to taste yet serving is big enough it’s good for sharing. Also who can argue with their affordable price?

Visit B&T Mexican Kitchen

G/F Sekai Building (right across Ash Creek Center)

Ortigas Ave. San Juan City, Philippines

Tel. No. 975-18-50


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  1. hi, where exactly is this resto located? i called their delivery [87878] and i was told it was in connecticut greenhills. i went there this afternoon and couldnt find it. thanks


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