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Daily Archives: 04.02.11

Today’s Outfitey: Wide Leg Pants

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Thank God wide legged pants are back,skinny pants (particularly jeans) have been the favorite since oh I can’t remember when!

I can say that I am currently updating my wardrobe by adding clothes I’m not really fond of before but am starting to like (more like love) now, and one of that would have to be wide leg pants.

I remember sporting wide leg pants around 2005, those cotton loose “tokong” pants that looks perfect for summer. Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures back then, but I remember wearing them with a bejeweled top and heels.

Ladies & beckies. The key piece for this outfitey: Wide Leg Pants


it's a wide thing! LOL

What’s good about wide legged pants or jeans is that it’s good for all body types if worn properly. A good pair of stilettos or heels would always do the trick. Remember, if you plan on wearing your wide leg pants with flats be sure that the end of the pants falls perfectly on the floor or else you’ll look shorter.

Some wide leg pants are high-wasted, while others are high or low rise but doesn’t actually fit your crotch. This one that I have are neither. It’s medium rise and just sits perfectly below the waist, sakto lang talaga kaya it’s perfect! Makes the look more “relaxed” di ba? 🙂

I remember that wide leg pants are a.k.a. Elephant pants! (very much old school ang dating!)
Now pa-demure lang by the adjective “wide” ;p

If your pants are very formal/corporate looking, match and pair it up with a casual top to avoid looking “too polished’ or too formal ang dating. Plus, adding casual chic accessories(such as bangles, chandelier/dangling earrings) can make the outfitey more relaxed instead of your gold/white gold jewelry. Hindi lang ako nag-effort mag “casual” accessories bilang dapat kagalang-galang ang look ko sa pinuntahan ko. :p


Grey Wide Leg Pants: Memo (not bad for P800)

Black with white polka dots tube top (that can be a halter top): Pink Soda (it’s been w/ me for 6 years na!)

Off-white & grey textured zip up sandals: Charles & Keith

That’s all 🙂