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Daily Archives: 04.07.11

Chili’s Big Mouth Burger Day

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Chili's Annual Big Mouth Burger Day!

It’s our 2nd year to visit Chili’s during their annual Big Mouth Burger Day. The usual P360-P375 Big Mouth Burger is at 60% off, you only pay P120 what a steal!


free nachos while you wait

I suggest next year go early so that you won’t have to wait, no reservations beforehand.



It’s all about their mouthwatering burgers.


burger! burger! burger!

Choose among the four burgers (Big Mouth Burger Bites not included).

So bilang bacon addict ako, guess what I choose?


hello there pretty thing!

Service time was so fast! I figured they’re expecting everyone would order their burger so within 5 minutes, our burgers were served.


spot the bacon

Too bad the bacon is undercooked (I like my food especially meat well done) plus it’s so konti don’t you think? O well.


love lemonade

Til next year’s Big Mouth Burger Day!

What’s your favorite Big Mouth Burger? 🙂