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Carol’s Texan 5

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Being part of a community like Pinoy Bloggers is an exciting endeavor to get to know people & learn new things. It’s only been a year since I started blogging and I think for a newbie, I pretty much have a good number of readers (thank you everyone!)  Anyway, so upon checking the latest happenings from co-bloggers, I’ve recently stumbled a post about Carol’s Texan 5 restaurant being the venue of the event called Bloggers Buffet organized by and

The first Bloggers Buffet by in cooperation with

I’ve been living in San Juan City for almost 3 years now and I have to admit there are only a few establishments I’ve been to. Take away 9 months of almost 3 years living here, since I was on (almost total) house arrest during my pregnancy. So being flanked by restaurants and establishments that offer good & great deals is always an advantage BUT I haven’t taken advantage of them much. I’ve just started doing so since I’ve started blogging. (I know, opportunities wasted but that’s not gonna happen anymore!)

So upon learning the chance that there will be an event called The 1st Bloggers Buffet at Carol’s Texan 5 on June 23,2011, I immediately got curious & did my research. My, my, oh my! Why haven’t I visited you before Carol’s Texan 5 ? As you all know my readers, I am a HUGE fan of chicken and by chicken I mean any kind of preparation & cooking done to chicken I’ll eat, make that devour! 😉

their menu is indeed mouth-watering and the prices are affordable!

Carol’s Texan 5 offers the best chicken and ribs this side of Manila. Not only do they offer these sumptuous dishes for dine-in but they also deliver! Yes, if you’re too lazy to go out (for someone who lives in the bustling city of San Juan it can sometimes be a hassle to fix up & go out) they deliver! hoooraaay! So I think I can enjoy the Texan Grilled Chicken in my pajamas while being a couch potato from the comfort of my own home! (They deliver in San Juan, Mandaluyong, Ortigas and Pioneer areas for now). Now if you plan to have a party, you can still enjoy Carol’s Texan 5, they have food booths that they can set up in your event (maybe your child’s birthday, baptism, debut, or whatever occasion there is). You can also opt to hold events at Carol’s Texan 5, perfect for all kinds of functions and gatherings. Another good thing about  their service is that they offer kiddie meal sets which is perfect if you plan on celebrating your kid’s birthday in his or her school or even at home or in the office. And lastly, if you’re planning on having an intimate affair but craves for Carol’s Texan 5, then I suggest you order their Party Trays which are suitable for special occasions.

Yes,I seriously wanna be part of this Bloggers Buffet. Aside from meeting new people and learning new things, I’m hoping to meet Carol (the woman behind Carol’s Texan 5) herself. Also, I pretty much am a sucker for American cuisine. Did I mention I love chicken? yes, I do. Oh and of course I wanna be part of this event because it’s always an honor being part of anything that’s a first, right? RIGHT! 😉

Plus, I surely won’t miss this event, it’s only 5 minutes away from my place. Wohoooo! 😉

Carol’s Texan 5 contact details and address:

Delivery: (02) 727.3843 / 0922.485.0154

     Address: Carol’s Texan 5, 2F 713 J. Abad Santos St., Little Baguio, San Juan

For more information check out Carol’s Texan 5’s website & fan page:

Fan Page: http:/


I hope you see me there! heehee 😉

Today’s Outfitey: Pinstripe Dress

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Summer’s being bipolar the past few weeks of May and finding the right outfitey is harder than it seems. So wearing something that spells it’s hot but not too hot to bare too much skin is the way to go. This key piece is one of the many great finds I bought from Ebay. Okay since all of you already know that, if you plan to shop there save some thrift finds for me. 😉

summer sheer

So I got this dress for P199 wohooo! winner lang talaga! But since it’s sheer I opted to use white inners but you can also use different colors to add vibrancy in the whole look. I also opted to wear a tank top & shots instead of a white/beige inner camisole dress. Since I know that my activity that day would involve a lot of play with kids (my daughter & nieces) my best bet is to wear shorts.


Pinstripe dress: Zara

White inner tank top & shorts: Forever 21

Beaded necklace: Forever 21

Snakeskin flats: Charlotte Russe

That’s all!



Monday Blues

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Almost everyone I know who works dread Mondays. It is actually hard for those working to like Mondays especially if their weekends were “bitin”. Yes, one way or another, working or not working we all feel weekends aren’t enough. But then again being a stay home wife & mother, most of the time I don’t really know what day it is. Maybe because everyday is different, at least for me. I look forward to weekends mainly because it’s the time the husband gets to spend time with me & G. It’s the time wherein we can just chill. No errands for me, no work for him, just family gatherings, events with friends or just plain hanging out at home or in the mall (gah, I wish there were more really nice clean pretty parks here in Manila, more Ayala Triangle Park please!)

Monday Blues. Hmmm I never think I had them, not even back in college. Maybe because I love being busy & that I always look forward to it. Now that I’m a wife & mom, my Mondays consists of errands that had been on hold over the weekend. I work irregularly, my job is more like a “raket” I only get to work once to thrice in a week for castings ( I work as a talent for TV commercials)  and if lucky, I get a job once in a month or if not that lucky once in six months. I like the set up. I like that I get to work somehow yet still manages to take good care of my daughter & husband & the house. But sometimes (more often than not) I always ask myself what if I did get a regular job, would there be Monday blues for me?

I’ve observe that when you have kids who already go to school, there might me Monday blues for moms. It’s the start of the week wherein they are as busy as the dads working. Early morning to prepare for breakfast, prepare & attend to the needs of the child, what to bring to school, and the list goes on.

As for me, I spend my Mondays spreading good vibes to those who dread it. I make sure I get to make someone smile or help them feel that Mondays can be fun. I may not have Monday blues yet but when I do, I’m hoping someone would spread good vibes to me as well.

It’s a beautiful day!

bye bye Monday blues!

photo source here

Happy Monday everyone! 😉


Today’s Outfitey: Tulip Skirt

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So I’ve noticed that my blog stats are up by 50% whenever my post is an outfitey post. So that means bet nyo talaga ang fashion? Mamumulubi yata ako (I’ll go broke) at mapapadalas ang pag ukay at pagpunta sa mga sale coz of you (that means I’ll be frequenting more thrift shops & sale events), my fab readers! heehee

So today’s key piece is the tulip skirt. I think this kind of skirt would be one of my staple pieces. Since I have a-not-so-prominent hips, this piece can actually help emphasize it.

the tip is to tulip it!

Aside from the tulip being my favorite flower (seriously it is) I now love tulip skirts! It makes my waist tiny yet makes my hips stand out. If you’ve seen  my other  outfitey post  I was also wearing a tulip skirt, although that one doesn’t fall on my hips, it’s also great that it covers up my waist. (perfect for months where I feel bloated)


Black basic longsleeves top: Topshop

Gray tulip skirt: Space

Purple suede Mary Janes: Matthews for CMG

Vintage dangling earrings: My mom’s

Bangles: gift from my best friend

The purple suede MJ’s a steal! I bought that at CMG for P600. Since it’s a buy one take on promo! Winner! Sabi sa inyo best in sales ako eh! So you’d probably bump into me whenever there’s a sale going on in the metro! 😉

That’s all!



Today’s Outfitey: Pinstripe Boyfriend Shirt Dress

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Here’s a key piece that I’m very proud to say is thrifted. Yes, meaning it’s used/ second hand. I bought it from my college friend’s (Kat Sorianoonline shop

Today’s key piece: Pinstripe Boyfriend Shirt Dress

pin & stripes

I love how comfortable & easy to mix this key piece is. Pair it with heels & can be worn in the office, layer it with vest or even wear it as a top. I only got this for 200 Php. Yup! Soooo happy! 😀


Pinstripe BF shirt dress: c/o Ukay Runway (I have yet to check the brand)

Red belt: Memo

Bejeweled mustard flats: Bayo

That’s all!



Today’s Outfitey: Chiffon Top 03

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Hello! Here’s another look on another breezy outfitey. Although again, this key piece is made of silk. Oh did I mention it’s a great buy from Ebay? Got it under 500Php its 2nd hand though but doesn’t look like it is! I love Ebay! Heehee. Shopping there is like hunting for the best finds & key pieces!

patch it up!

I liked how detailed the top is, so pairing it with a more simple bottom is the way to go. Like a said, not really a fan of mumble jumbled styling, I find it too complex & that there’s no certain area you’d want your eye to focus on. Another steal, I bought the tulip skirt for only 300 Php and the bag for under 2,000 Php during sale season. Achieved! 😉


Patched silk top: Anna Sui

Black tulip skirt: Memo

Black & white wedge: Celine

Gray chain bag: Mango

C2 Classic Cuisine

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C2 (Classic Cuisine) is part of our Top 10 easy restaurants to dine in. Our criteria for our Top 10 easy to go to restaurants compose of 3 criteria: food, service & value for money. We might add another criteria (ambiance/baby friendly) since Gabbie enjoys dinning out as well.

Again pardon for the poor quality of photos, using my iPhone again.

Whenever we crave for a Filipino cuisine, C2 is always on top of our minds.

spot their menu

Our favorite dish would have to be their Binagoongang Lechon Kawali. It’s really good! But since that’s what we always order, we decided to pick 3 new dishes from their newly improved & expanded menu.

open kitchen

how we see it

wouldn't be complete w/o the sauces

 So here’s what we ordered:

rice of course!

Walastik 365 Php

We were excited to try this dish since it’s beef only to find out that it’s dry (unlike the picture of it) although the beef was tender. Sad.

Chicharong Monggo 310 Php

The monggo was indeed filling although I think it lacks flavor, maybe that’s what the fried fish (I forgot what kind of fish is this) is for? Because the fish was flavorful. The chicharon was bad though but we didn’t hassle the waiter to replace it, instead we just didn’t eat it.

Seafood Inasal 325 Php

This dish was yummy! Can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten sizzling seafood, it’s tender yet not too tender for the fish meat to go all flaky. The sauce gave more flavor to it. We’ll be ordering this one again for sure! 😉

the look

Trying their new dishes was something challenging for us, we were so tempted in ordering our favorite but I guess it helped us give C2 Classic Cuisine more reason to be one of our favorite restaurants.

Check out C2 Classic Cuisine’s Facebook page for store locations


Since it’s one of our favorite restaurant, I was able to take  additional pictures.

someone's being green

treat during Father's Day

Binagoongang Lechon Kawali P325

 This is one of our favorite dishes! We love how crunchy, salty & just yummy this dish is. Sadly though that with the price increase in ingredients, their serving is not as much as before.

Laing P170

Their Laing is also flavorful, although I would prefer it to be more spicy & more of the coconut milk.

Tinolang Binakol P295

This dish is perfect for a rainy day! I love how the chicken meat is tender yet chewable.

C2 will always be one of our favorite restaurant when it comes to serving Filipino dishes.