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Mango Float

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As promised, I’m sharing my version of Mango Float. I’ve been whipping up this dessert few years ago and have only gotten the chance to create it again now. Since my mom really loves cooking, it was one event wherein I was tasked to take care of dessert & since then on, I know how to make this dessert by heart. You too can master this dessert in 3 easy steps 😉


all you need are 5 ingredients

 clockwise from l-r: condensed milk, crushed grahams, graham crackers, all purpose cream,ripe mangoes

1st step:

Mix the all purpose cream together with the condense milk.

creamy goodness

2nd step:

Layering. 1st layer the graham crackers in your preferred container (a rectangle would be your best bet since it’s the shape of the cracker) , then pour in just the right amount of your creamy mixture, then top it off with sliced mangoes. Do this repetitively until it’s filled to the brim.

let the layering begin!

cream & mangoes

3rd step:

Sprinkle crushed grahams on the last layer and cover it up  w/a cling wrap, then let it chill.

the finished product

let's chill

There you have it, my version of Mango Float. So far my family have no complains about it, heehee. Oh if you’ve noticed, I have not given any exact measurement  for any ingredients? That’s because I  measure flavors based on my palette. But if you want to know the more accurate recipe. Go visit M.Y. San Grahams website for more details and other yummy recipes, planning on trying their other yummy desserts soon!

P.S. If you’ve noticed my graham isn’t MY San! pardon that, the grocery ran out of it, I had to make do with La Pacita, nonetheless they both tastes good! 😉

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  1. I went to the Philippines for the first time last summer and made this with my cousin. It’s DELICIOUS. I want to try and make it for my mom but how much condensed milk and how much creamer do you use?

    • Hi Rita! I don’t exactly measure it but it’s usually 1 part cream and 1/3 part condensed milk for me. Really depends on how sweet & creamy you want it to be 😉 Good luck on making your own Mango Float! 🙂


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