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Daily Archives: 05.09.11

Today’s Outfitey: Denim Skirt Jumper

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This outfitey is brought to you by my baby girl Gabbie. She’s a very hyper baby and dressing her up can sometimes be a challenge. Although it’s fun being a girl, we all know choosing the appropriate clothes can be challenging! Especially if your choosing for your daughter. So far Gabbie, at her tender age of 1 year & 3 months, has no complains (yet) with my choice of clothes for her & the manner of how I dress her up.

pink overload!


Pink striped shirt: Zara (Baby)

Denim jumper skirt: Zara (Baby) belt included

Socks: Funky Feet

Sneakers: Nike

G is for Gabbie

You see how hyperactive she is? 🙂 Spending time with G & Mr. J is my weekly date! Thanks for the early Mother’s day day! 🙂

So lucky to have an amazing family! 🙂

thankful that I'm a mom to this adorable lil' girl ♥

To all Mother’s out there! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! 🙂

 That’s all!



Today’s Outfitey: Chiffon Top 01

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So since it’s summer and the heat is scorching, wearing light textured clothes can make it a lot easier to survive (sobrang serious?!) So here’s another “casual” look that I share to you.

Take note, as I’ve said before if you’re looking for those “fashionista outfits” that totally deserves an A for effort, well I’m NOT one of them. I show my outfiteys JUST BECAUSE I want to. I am not a fashionista wannabe either, just an expression of one’s self people! :p

Moving on, here’s another breezy look!

sunny yellow

Again layer chiffon clothes with a tank top or bandeau para hindi mahalay ang dating! :p

Here’s a tip: since I like wearing shorts & skirts, I always make sure I pair them with a more “covered up” top. Sport it with shirts instead of tank tops alone, or if you want to wear tank top w/ it then layer it with a shrug or vest so that everything doesn’t look “tight” (from top to bottom) gets nyo? But if you’re going on a trip (say beach) then I guess this look is just right.


White spaghetti top: Forever 21

Yellow chiffon top: Missy for Bayo

Denim shorts: Forever 21

Leopard print sandals: Schu

Vintage sling bag: Gucci

That’s all!