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Daily Archives: 05.12.11

Army Navy Burger & Burrito

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So one date night, the husband and I watched Thor and had a quick snack before the movie started. But since it was almost 10 in the evening that the movie ended and we were in the mood for another quick bite, we searched Greenhills Shopping Center for something to eat and here’s what we stumbled upon.

newly opened eh?

Sorry for the bad quality of photos I just used my iPhone’s camera šŸ˜¦


The Army Navy has landed in Greenhills!

If there’s one cuisine I’m very fond of it would have to be American! Ask my husband that not unless I’m craving, American (next is Japanese) food would always be the top of my list. Burgers, steaks, side dishes, and the like are my faves. So we (well particularly I) was delighted to know that Army Navy Burger & Burrito is now within my reach! heehee

their menu

They had me at burger!

and they got me at burritos

So can you guess what we had?

steak burrito 165 Php

Perfect timing! Since even before the movie started I told hubby that I was craving for a burrito!

My verdict for their burrito: YUMMY! Not much mexican flavor but the steak was tender and it was a filling meal.

how to eat your burrito

tuesday's deal

triple B!

I’m excited to try this one next time, although I think I’ll be needing help finishing this!


This was our first choice, but then the husband wasn’tĀ willingĀ to wait fo 15 minutes. But I like how freshly made their chicken is, that way the chicken meat is more tender compared to those that’s been prepared beforehand & kept in the freezer.

very eco friendly!

Kudos for them for using/incorporating recycled materials on their store. I hope more restaurants/stores & shops do the same.

Reduce. Reuse.Recycle.

SS looks huge!

what's behind

the people

cute signs! i want!

waddaya know, they have GCs

If you can’t get enough of the Army Navy goodness you can always ask your loved ones to buy you their GI bill (gift issued certification) I like!

Will definitely go back & try their other products!

VisitĀ ARMY NAVY – Burger + BurritoĀ for more details

Ground Floor Connecticut Arcade Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills San Juan City