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Daily Archives: 05.13.11

Today’s Outfitey: Cropped Top

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So with summer beaming its hotness to us here in the Philippines, layering would be your last option. But I think layering can be your best bet for summer. Today’s key piece: Cropped top.

I admit I’m not a fan of this piece of clothing since I feel fat whenever I wear anything loose. It’s a tendency because if you have an average bust size and a big cup size, you’re chest tends to say hello most of the time, so wearing anything like a tent dress or a loose top can make it unflattering even if you have a flat tummy.

So here’s the look

crop it!

Some people can pull off a cropped top without anything underneath it but I can’t! I feel F-A-T! not that I’m vain, but yes I really do feel that way, not that comfortable & confident enough to wear anything “hanging” heehee. Noticed how I love this faded jeans? It’s skin-tight on the hips and having a child already but still being able to wear my skin-tight jeans is just AWESOMESAUCE! 😉


Navy blue croppped top: Forever 21

Faded denim: Terranova

Camel cut out wedge: Schu

Messenger sling bag: Louis Vuitton

That’s all!