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Daily Archives: 05.19.11

C2 Classic Cuisine

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C2 (Classic Cuisine) is part of our Top 10 easy restaurants to dine in. Our criteria for our Top 10 easy to go to restaurants compose of 3 criteria: food, service & value for money. We might add another criteria (ambiance/baby friendly) since Gabbie enjoys dinning out as well.

Again pardon for the poor quality of photos, using my iPhone again.

Whenever we crave for a Filipino cuisine, C2 is always on top of our minds.

spot their menu

Our favorite dish would have to be their Binagoongang Lechon Kawali. It’s really good! But since that’s what we always order, we decided to pick 3 new dishes from their newly improved & expanded menu.

open kitchen

how we see it

wouldn't be complete w/o the sauces

 So here’s what we ordered:

rice of course!

Walastik 365 Php

We were excited to try this dish since it’s beef only to find out that it’s dry (unlike the picture of it) although the beef was tender. Sad.

Chicharong Monggo 310 Php

The monggo was indeed filling although I think it lacks flavor, maybe that’s what the fried fish (I forgot what kind of fish is this) is for? Because the fish was flavorful. The chicharon was bad though but we didn’t hassle the waiter to replace it, instead we just didn’t eat it.

Seafood Inasal 325 Php

This dish was yummy! Can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten sizzling seafood, it’s tender yet not too tender for the fish meat to go all flaky. The sauce gave more flavor to it. We’ll be ordering this one again for sure! 😉

the look

Trying their new dishes was something challenging for us, we were so tempted in ordering our favorite but I guess it helped us give C2 Classic Cuisine more reason to be one of our favorite restaurants.

Check out C2 Classic Cuisine’s Facebook page for store locations


Since it’s one of our favorite restaurant, I was able to take  additional pictures.

someone's being green

treat during Father's Day

Binagoongang Lechon Kawali P325

 This is one of our favorite dishes! We love how crunchy, salty & just yummy this dish is. Sadly though that with the price increase in ingredients, their serving is not as much as before.

Laing P170

Their Laing is also flavorful, although I would prefer it to be more spicy & more of the coconut milk.

Tinolang Binakol P295

This dish is perfect for a rainy day! I love how the chicken meat is tender yet chewable.

C2 will always be one of our favorite restaurant when it comes to serving Filipino dishes.