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Tried & Tested: Hair Treatment Products under 199 pesos!

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Hello everyone! You know how everybody (including me of course) loves finding easy on the budget products? Well here’s another tried and tested post. I am very conscious when it comes to my hair. It has been used and abused far too many times so I have to take extra care of it. Plus I had excessive falling hair when I was pregnant and even after I gave birth. So finding the right products that offer the same treatment you can have in a salon can be tricky.

Good thing I’m a curious cow and a budget conscious shopper, so I scouted the shelves of grocery stores, department stores and even drug stores and found my top 3 hair treatment products under 199 pesos 🙂

L-R: Monea Power Dose, Swallow Hot Oil Treatment, Pantene Pro-V Intensive Treatment

If you want to give life to your hair you should use this

P100+ (sorry I forgot exactly how much this is)

Monea products are effective and affordable too, I’ve also tried the blue colored bottle variant (I forgot the name & purpose of that one :|) If you want to condition your hair after a shampoo BUT doesn’t want that limp flat “ironed” look on your hair then this product is for you. It keeps hair “treated” but still gives a little “oomph” of volume to it. 😉

P99 (150g)

The tried and tested hot oil treatment from Swallow. I’ve been using this since I was introduced by my mom to it (high school days) and I’ve come to love it and so does my hair! Very very affordable way to give your hair the conditioning it needs, making it more shinier and polished. You can also try the (green bottled- menthol) leaves a tingly minty feel on your scalp.


If you have falling hair (and by falling hair I mean, too-much-hair-clogging-the-shower-drain kind of falling hair) then use Pantene Pro-V intensive treatment for hair fall. You can alternate it with your conditioner or use it once a week. It helps reduce hair fall, making hair smoother & softer. Plus, it smells so good too! 😉

There you go, my top 3 hair treatments under 199 pesos! DIY (do it yourself) products at home can be much more efficient (most of the time), you can manage the amount of hair treatment you put in your scalp, it’s easy on the budget, and most of all you can do frequently. Hope this was helpful for those who have a hard time finding the right and affordable hair treatment. 🙂

P.S. prices may vary depending on where you buy the products, better test product first before applying on your scalp to avoid allergies.


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  1. I’m going to try the monea super straight bottle and i hope it will keep my newly rebonded hair straight and sleek..


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