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Starbucks ‘No Smoking’ Campaign

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I am a coffee lover. I drink it everyday (without fail) and even when I was pregnant I got to taste it even for a few sips. Just like the hundreds of Filipinos who love coffee, Starbucks has been one of our favorites. Let me show you proof of my love for Starbucks.

Starbucks LOVE

So upon learning that there’s a smoking ban in Metro Manila in public places I was a bit curious and said to myself that smokers are still fortunate that they can smoke in coffee shops. I spoke too soon. Because after the smoking ban in public places was implemented, Starbucks (one of the leading coffee retail giants in the Philippines) announced their ‘no smoking’ policy. When this news broke online, my friends on Twitter had different reactions to it. I really didn’t bother to voice out mine because I thought it wasn’t a big deal, or is it?

According to this article from Yahoo! NewsPinoys on Twitter have different reactions to the said campaign of the famous coffee shop. This got me curious, so I did a poll on my Facebook asking what people think about Starbucks’ bold move on their customers not smoking on their premises. Majority voted that they support Starbucks in complying with the newly implemented law of the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority).

Come to think of it, if I was really a smoker I would’ve thought otherwise. Given that people go to coffee shops so they can drink coffee and smoke cigarettes while reading a book, going online, watching their favorite series on their iPad or even just have a good talk with friends (which I can attest to). True enough, that’s how people hang out in coffee shops.

I’m very curious to check out the nearest Starbucks on June 27 and do one of the things I like to do best in a coffee shop: people watch. But this time around I think I’ll have to do a “store watch” observe the store if people would still  hang out and get their fix of coffee or choose the rival coffee shop which offers their customer the freedom to smoke their cigarettes without getting a warning ticket from the MMDA.

Speaking of warning, I stumbled upon this:

be warned!

Wow, six thousand (and counting) smokers were already warned in less than a month. You can’t blame them MMDA! It’s not easy for them as it is easy for you to give them warnings. It takes practice and constant reminder. So thank you for giving them warnings and please don’t forget to reenforce & remind them about this implementation.

So to smokers who patronize Starbucks, would you really switch coffee shops because of this coming implementation? I feel your sadness, dilemma or even your confusion. For now please enjoy the weekend & smoke your lungs out at your favorite Starbucks store ’cause come Monday (June 27) it’ll be smoke-free.

With the rain Falcon (storm) has brought over the week, I guess going to Starbucks (to enjoy a cup of hot choco or coffee) is one of the best things to do eh?

Happy weekend and please stay safe everyone! 🙂

*gives a warm fuzzy virtual hug*


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