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Bloggers Buffet at Carol’s Texan 5

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I was one of the lucky bloggers who got invited to attend the first ever Bloggers Buffet held last June 23, 2011 at Carol’s Texan 5. Despite the rain storm Falcon brought that night, the event pushed through. Again, I am a newbie in the blogging world and this is officially my first event as a blogger. It was really a fun experience to meet fellow bloggers. Here’s a look at what transpired that evening.

what greeted me

Before the event started I was eager enough to take pictures & look around. This menu stand greeted me as I entered the function room of  Carol’s Texan 5, clearly I was starting to get hungry just by looking.

The Wanted wall

While other bloggers enjoyed having their pictures taken at “The Wanted” wall.

pretty personalized & motivating

A series of framed motivational words & personalized drawings can be found displayed at the function room. This gives a homey feel of the place despite its cowboy theme.

the menu

The dishes are all originally crafted by Carol herself. Check out how affordable the prices are as well.

Tristan of Ten Minutes, Tops!

 Meet Tristan Mirasol the host of the event and the founder of Ten Minutes, Tops! and Club Travel NOW! (the organizers of the event). The program started off with a getting-to-know portion, wherein all bloggers get to say a little something about themselves followed by a meet and greet with Carol herself.

Carol of Carol's Texan 5

Carol started cooking for her brother and family,eventually everyone was raving about her food. This motivated her with the idea of making her dishes available to public. She then started out delivering food to call center companies and with the good feedback from her customers she decided to put up her own restaurant. Now her famous ribs & wings can be enjoyed by everyone.

Carol and I

We belong! We have the same color scheme heehee. Anyway, it was really nice meeting Carol.

3 of the 5 famous dishes

(left to right) Tomato Basil Pasta, Ultimate Texan Ribs and Dynamite Ribs

Tomato Basil Pasta

A flavorful tomato based pasta infused with herbs. Pasta noodles is al dente and amount of sauce is just right.

Ultimate Texan Ribs

This dish is indeed my favorite (as well as the many customers of Carol’s Texan 5). Its super flavorful and the meat is very tender! Unlike other ribs, Carol’s Texan 5’s Ultimate Texan Ribs has bigger slobs one can actually satisfy you. Will definitely come back for this.

Dynamite Wings

For a spicy lover like me anything that spells chili is love. This dish is just that. Crispy fried on the outside, soft meat on the inside. Don’t forget to smother it with its tartar sauce for some awesome goodness.


After a sumptuous meal, goody bags & prizes were given away thanks to the sponsors!

early bird winners

Carol w/ the boys

The First Bloggers Buffet

 Again, it was a lovely night. I sure had fun! A memorable and fun night, great company and delicious food. What more can you ask for? 🙂

Thanks again Carol’s Texan 5 , Ten Minutes, Tops! and Club Travel NOW!