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Daily Archives: 07.05.11

Bonchon Chicken in Manila

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With the hype of the crispy chicken invading Manila, I was more than eager to try all of them. So far I’ve already tried two restaurants whose concept was created solely because of this different approach to crispy chicken. But when the buzz was going on about a particular chicken franchise invading Manila, I thought it was just another chicken restaurant and me being a chicken lover wouldn’t wanna get all excited just to be disappointed eventually. But somehow my urge to try their spicy chicken persisted, my curiosity became a craving that lasted for weeks!

Finally! After weeks of craving for Bonchon, I was finally able to satisfy my craving! Luckily, Bonchon recently opened in Megamall.

Spot the people waiting to get their hands on Bonchon's famous chicken.

I, along these people didn’t really mind waiting in line to taste Bonchon’s famous chicken.

Bonchon's menu

Their pricing is fair enough, given they have set meals that can satisfy your hunger. I like that they used LCD screens instead of the usual sintra boards for their menu.

the process

I like how swiftly the staff managed the people, everyone was efficient and our orders was asked before we reached the cashier making it easier and faster for everyone.

(left) Soy Garlic Chicken (right) Spicy Soy Garlic Chicken

Okay let me be honest, as a chicken and chili (spicy) lover I really have to commend on Bonchon‘s Spicy Soy Garlic chicken particularly, its crispy skin and how spicy it is. Indeed it is super yummy!  The chicken meat was tender (although there was a bit blood on the bone & on some meat),I didn’t really mind that because I was so hungry & having it replaced would be a total hassle. Somehow I was  a bit disappointed on how bland the meat was compared to how flavorful the skin is. I was hoping the spicy soy flavor would seep right into the meat, given I’ve come to love friend chicken with either gravy or ketchup so I was expecting more flavor since this chicken didn’t come with any sauce.

Nonetheless my Bonchon experience was good. I would come back & try their other dishes.

Visit Bonchon Chicken in any of their branches:

10am to 10pm daily

Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am to 11pm

Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am to 10pm

10am to 10pm daily