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Daily Archives: 07.07.11

The Book Project Manila

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I love books. I can never get used to audiobooks and e-books. The smell of old and new books give a different feeling of happiness to me, like a fat kid who loves cake. My love affair for books and anything print would always stay, my loyalty to it is forever. So upon learning there’s a book project going on, I was curious and immediately checked it out. Thanks CJ Jimenez, (@cajut) on Twitter for sharing this to me.

If you want to be part of this awesome project here’s how:

A: Grab a book that has been collecting dust at home, write a note and leave it at some random place where someone even more random can pick it up.

The note should contain the address of  The Book Project Manila.
 ( and whatever it is you want the person to know about the book or you.

Take a picture of the book, the note and the place where you left it. Then please submit/upload the photo here.

image captured from The Book Project Manila

B: If you have reached this site because of a book that you found, feel free to post whatever it is you want to share. Chances are, the person who left the book for you has posted a picture of that particular book you’re holding and you should be able to comment on the photo that he/she posted.

You might even want to share your own book. Or pass the book you found the same way it has been passed on to you. You know the rules.

For me, the significant thing about this project is making an imprint.  Imprinting a part of you to someone (not knowing exactly who) through a book makes sharing it special. Unexpected goodness that that person will receive is something that the universe would like all of us to do. And what better way to do it than through books? This’ll be exciting, hoping that when this project is full-blown, I get to stumble upon a book that somebody left for someone else to read 🙂

Will be sharing with all of you the book I will share & where I’ll randomly leave it.
Hope you do the same, let’s do this!  🙂

3/30 Day Song Challenge

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Day 3 of the 30 Day Song Challenge

A song that makes you happy

This song definitely is one of my favorites. Every time I hear this, no matter how gloomy I feel I just get all giddy & happy. I start dancing and singing to it! I love Kylie! Too bad wasn’t able to go to her concert, all the extra budget I have is saved for (decorating  & furnishing) our new place. Nonetheless, like I said her songs are enough to make me so perky, unleashing the beckiness in me! 😀