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Daily Archives: 07.08.11

Today’s Outfitey: Animal Print Dress

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Animal print such as leopard and zebra have always been around. You can see it on clothes, bags, shoes even accessories. There’s no definite season where you can best sport this print. Nor has it ever been out of fashion. It is just always there, waiting for its debut in the fashion world, waiting its cue from celebrities & stylist to claim it’s “in season” once again.

So you know by now that the key piece for today is the leopard print dress. Note that there were no animals (leopard) harm in this post. 😉


Again, hindi ko pa keri ang print on print look. Whenever I feel like my outfitey looks plain, I accessorize always contrast to the key piece hence the look I made.


Leopard print dress: Cotton On

Off white belt: Mango

Gladiator sandals: VNC

Um, I know I’m really back logged on outfitey posts so I’ll try my very best to post often (given I really don’t go out much). Plus, mamumulubi yata ako sa outfitey posts because I have to be updated! Heehee, but I really don’t mind. Anyway,  I am excited to share my great finds on Ebay and post my new look (hair) which underwent a makeover a week ago LOL! Stay tuned! 🙂

That’s all!