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Optimist Prime or Negatron?

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People who really know me know that I speak & understand beckimese (gay lingo). It’s something that seems and feels natural to me and gay people are close to my heart. Maybe I was one in my past life? Who knows. Anyway, I love how through gay lingo, (most of the time) thoughts and ideas are conveyed on a lighter note but with a deep subliminal meaning.So in fairness, smart talaga ang mga beckies! *cheers* (for those of you who wants to learn beckimese, I shall gather my becky friends and post a beckimese 101 guide 🙂 )

Finally, after 2 weeks I able to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon and I was somewhat paranoid (you know I’m a Com student and given I’ve learned how a movie is made, I still get affected watching movies :|). What if “aliens” really attack our planet one day? and what if that one day is soon? like the day after tomorrow? Eeeeeps! *head spinning slowly* I cut myself after even attempting to figure out the answers. I then heard myself say “stop being a Negatron” and then I just started smiling *big grin*. So I’ve learned that a gloomy moment can really be altered to an all out laughing trip, thanks to beckimese language LOL.

The next day as I was online and doing my usual thing, when I decided to write about these thoughts in my head (this was supposed to be a Transformers 3 post and my story about aliens :p) so I researched and I stumbled upon this illustration:

Optimist Prime vs. Negatron

OW. EM. GEEna Alajar! (gets nyo?!) Perfect! It’s like Google read my mind & conspired with the universe! I love, love, love it! (in a becky spelling, ay lav et! 😉 ) Truly, I’m an Optimist Prime (kampi ako kay Optimist este Optimus Prime syempre!), I believe (beauty queen answer?) negativity won’t bring you anywhere and that it is a complete waste of energy. Life really is too short and the world is too small to be hating on other people and to be spreading on bad vibes as well. Deadmatology na lang dapat! It is the key to a negatron-free life, I thank you! *bow*

So who created this? I have learned that the creator/illustrator is someone I have worked with before. He was my director for a Telecom TV commercial back in 2007 (see it here). He is none other than Avid Liongoren, truly he is a visual artist extraordinaire. He has done numerous multi-media works that challenged the mind’s creativity. Pasok sa banga ang creative skills niya. Very much alien lang siya na tumambay dito sa planet Earth!

If you want to check out more of his creations visit his online gallery, you can also purchase the Optimist Prime & Negatron illustration for printing.


Hi, direk! 🙂


Here’s the video of the Telecom TVC I did back in 2007. Spottan nyo ko! ;p


Have a great weekend everyone!

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