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Daily Archives: 07.25.11

Today’s Outfitey: Leather Moccasins

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Moccasins are back! (have they ever left in the first place?) I love how classic items are being reinvented, fashion indeed is evolving. For a shoe lover like me, I can honestly say there’s more to shoes than being just all pretty. And yes, sometimes I unconsciously judge a person based on his/her shoes. (Sorry naman, tao lang!) But seriously, there’s a lot to say about someone who has nice shoes. It may not be expensive but the style & heel are always important (okay, I will make a post about shoe 101 soon 😉 )

So for today’s key piece, I believe you already know what: Moccassin shoesay.

Mocca Moccasins! LOL

What’s good about this tan-colored moccasin is that you can actually pair it with anything! Bongga! 😉 Again, like I said, wearing shoes in tan, brown or nude makes your legs look longer (feeling taller naman ako! ;p). Since the shoe is simple, it’s nice to pair it with printed tops, dress of bottoms to give variety to your oufitey.


Printed long-sleeved polyester dress: Una Rosa (ayan, this is another “chiffon” clothing)

Brown braided belt: Dorothy Perkins

Heeled tan leather moccasins:  Renegade Folk

Thanks again RF! Bongga talaga your shoesays!

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Check out Renegade Folk’s collection at:

That’s all!




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Happy Monday! 😀

Yang Chow Restaurant

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As you all know, Sunday is family day and I love to call it as Sunday’s Best. Food always brings people closer and it is one of the most practical & fun way to bond especially with your family. Of all the cuisines the world has to offer, I have always shown my love for American & Japanese cuisines  but if I’d have to say which one I always eat, it would have to be Chinese cuisine. Our love affair for siomai & siopao is evident and so are the thousands of Filipinos who line up at Chinese restaurants who show proof of their love for dimsums & dumplings.

One chinese restaurant that we’ve come to love is Yang Chow. Strategically located below a supermarket, one cannot resists the smell of congee & tofu steak as he passes by after doing his grocery.

the staff were very busy, too many orders eh?

If on an ordinary day, serving can take less than 15 minutes but if you plan on having dinner there on Sundays or even Saturdays I suggest you head there 15-30 minutes earlier so that you can get a good table.

check out their menu

They offer house tea (for free) and their entrées are usually good for 2-3 persons. Their prices are affordable and I can say there is value for your money.

Here’s what we ordered:

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Two things that make a good fried rice: the quality of the rice itself and the amount of ingredients in each serving. Yang Chow’s fried rice indeed is a good one, it deserves the name for itself.

Dimsum Platter

Like their fried rice, Yang Chow’s dimsum platter is filling and each one  full flavor. (kumbaga, hindi tinipid sa sahog :p)

Broccoli & Abalone

Broccoli cooked just right & the abalone tender & chewable.

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

The typical sweet & sour fish fillet, but the good thing about Yang Chow’s version is that the fish fillet is still crispy (freshly fried).

Hot Prawn Salad

 Their hot prawn salad is my favorite. There is enough shrimp in it and less of the fruits which gives value for your money.


I’ve seen other reviews stating that they’ve been hassled by Yang Chow’s Manager (and staff) being rude. I for one have encountered their “no food & drinks allowed” policy and I happily obliged to it. Other than that I have not yet encountered direct rudeness from their staff nor the said manager. If that ever happens, I would update this post or create a new one, but I hope that won’t happen.


To the owners of Yang Chow Restaurant, please be very mindful in training your staff. Service is just as important as the quality of food. So if you have poor service, no matter how good your food is people won’t go back for it. Thanks.

Yang Chow Restaurant is located at:

G/F Shopwise Center, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan

Quezon City, Metro Manila


(02) 470-1251