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Daily Archives: 07.26.11

Whole Foods

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The popularity of natural & organic foods has been inevitable these days mainly because people want to have a healthier lifestyle. According to, organic foods are more expensive than intensively farmed foods because they receive no subsidies at all compared to the latter.

Another crucial reason why organic food is more expensive to buy than intensively- farmed food is that agro chemicals are designed to make food cheaper to produce. Agro chemicals were not developed with nutrition, taste or the ecology in mind. The chemical designers’ remit was to make mass production of food cheaper. End of story.  Source:

Yes, there is a market for it and that market is growing over time. I myself am not getting any younger, being in the mid-20s can really make you paranoid about how the world is filled with anything & everything synthetic & chemically exposed thus being cautious with what you eat and how you eat can just be your best bet in living healthier and longer.

I, for one don’t really care much about exactly what kind of food I eat (meaning how it was processed) but after trying on a few organic & naturally grown produce, I could really tell there’s a HUGE difference. It’s tastier and more flavorful. Given that as a mother, I only want what’s best for my family (and with our impending move to our own place) it is only necessary that I open up to the idea of sticking back to what is more natural and healthier.

As what I tweeted few days ago  before (yes, too obvious this is one of my back posts!), it is harder to live a healthy life if healthy food isn’t optional and worse more expensive than conventional food. So upon checking Whole Foods Market online, I was really inspired to prepare, cook & hunt for these organic & healthy foods.

spell freshness!

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where all things good & green

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juice-y goodness!

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Dear businessmen in the Philippines, please bring  Whole Foods here if not I dare you conceptualize a market like this.  Kthanksbye.

This rainy day makes me think of food even more! And with the earthquake that hit Metro Manila plus the few road accidents that has happened today due to Typhoon Juaning, I hope everyone stay safe tonight. Prayers for those who were affected by Typhoon Juaning and praying for an earthquake-free night tonight.


Please be alert! Charge all your necessary paraphernalia in case the storm cuts out the electricity. Get your emergency kits ready as well and keep your keys & phones on your bedside table for emergency (yes, this is my OC motherly instinct writing!).

*virtual hugs to everyone*