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My New Blog Is Up!

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Hi everyone! Please check my blog’s new address

Go! Jackie Go!.

Will be updating through this site from now on.

Also join my blog give away here:

Welcome To My New Blog! | Go! Jackie Go!.

This will be my last post in this blog. Goodbye My Nocturnal Journal! Thank you for the love 😀

And thank you everyone for sticking around!

See you in my new blog 😉

My New Baby Is Almost Ready!

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My new baby is almost ready! But no, it’s not human. It’s my blog’s new home (domain). Yipeeeee!

oh baby!

3 more days til you get to see my new site. Well, nothing much will change except for my new domain and blog name. Easier to remember and very me. Go! Jackie Go! Because I’m just like that :p

So please, while you’re here, go check my new site Go! Jackie Go!  Go to

Let the countdown begin!

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Hi everyone! I am very much excited for August!

Mainly because it is my birth month! Yipeeeee! and with that said, I am gifting myself with a new & improved blog! Will be launching my new domain on August 1, 2011. Please watch out for it! I’m excited to share it with you all. Plus, a lucky reader might just win a goodie bag! 😉 Join me in the countdown! 😀

Top 5 Make Up Essentials For That Everyday Natural Look

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Make up is part of every girl’s essentials and I for one love them. If there’s one person I know who really loves lippies & collects make ups it’s my grade school classmate Cierre Anne Tan. As much as I want to follow her footsteps in hoarding & searching for those limited edition collections, I just can’t seem to convince myself. So I leave the collecting to her & just drool on her collections, Hi Cierre!  Anyway, like I always say, I only buy what I need and don’t exhaust much effort on trying other brands I haven’t heard of (unless used on me for shoots or recommended by close friends), since I find make ups & make up tools all the same (at least that’s what I thought).

The moment when you reach your mid-20s and feel a wee bit older & wiser (I think) in making better & good decisions, which (as petty as it sounds) includes protecting & taking good care of your skin & body. That moment has arrived for me (a few years earlier) when looking good physically is a requirement for work. In my case, being careless about what I put on my face & what I use to care for it has been a habit, until I’ve realized it’s no longer an option.

After years of trying out different kinds of beauty products, I’ve come to love these 5 make up essentials  (which have now become staples) that I use for that everyday natural look. You see, I often times don’t wear make up, in order for my skin to “breathe” but there are just some days that I want to look naturally good. But being all natural isn’t easy and it does reveal the sleepless nights(being all nocturnal) & haggard(ness) of my skin.

So I share with you all these budget friendly make ups that might just help you boost your confidence & give you a fresh natural look despite the sleepless nights, the stress, the haggard(ness), and pulling off an all-nighter. After all, you deserve to look good & feel good.

5 essential make up for that everyday look

(left to right clockwise:)  Shu Uemura lash curler, The Body Shop lip & cheek tint, Carmex lip balm, MAC brow set in Boy Girl and MAC Studio Fix

Well it may not be in the brands I chose (hiyangan lang yan), it still depends on what brands suit your skin best. But I swear by Shu Uemura lash curler. I used to use La Cross lash curler (around P400+ I think?) but because I have long, somehow thick lashes (which is now becoming thin 😐 ) which is hard to curl, it just couldn’t keep up with me. The rubber on the curl lash wouldn’t last 2 months on me & the hassle part is La Cross doesn’t sell the rubber alone. Knowing that girlfriends & make up artists swear by how they love their Shu Uemura lash curler, I decided to buy it (even though the stingy in me finds it really hard to spend P1,00 for a lash curler,still I gave in) and with no regrets I’ve been using it for almost  6 years now. Indeed durability has its price.

Moving on, as I’ve said in my previous post about The Body Shop Products, my loyalty belongs to their lip & cheek tint. It will forever be one of my favorites (especially if I buy them on sale!). It gives me an instant flushed cheeks & red lips. Makes me look glowing! Yun na! ;p

As for the lips I also need to use a lip balm since I have very chapped lips ( I blame my lack of interest in hydrating) and thus Carmex is my lip’s best friend and it has not failed me since. Need I say more?

Ah, and now I reveal my obsession with my eyebrows.I have a fairly sized, shaped & groomed set of brows. They’re not too thin nor thick and I like them just as they are. Although I sometimes find it hard to pull off the au natural look because my brows sometimes tend to look darker than my hair color (because at times I’m too lazy for a brow bleach) and filling it every time can be a drag. So my best bet is MAC’s brow set (P950) and yes it may appear too pricey but believe me that it can last for almost a year (assuming you use it on an average of 4-6 times/week ). It’s like a mascara for the brows, so easy to use & apply. You can control the thickness & the shade of your brows with it. It’s true that your eyebrows define the overall look of your face, a little tweak here & there can really change your overall look so please be careful (if in doubt, go to your favorite salon & have an expert pluck, shave, thread and shape them for you) . Yes, I am one of those girls who would always feel complete whenever my brows are made.

Lastly, for those blemishes & pimples that need coverage and for the uneven skin tone that I just can’t get away with, I use the ever trusty MAC Studio Fix Foundation/Face Powder (P1,750). Doubles as a foundation (when use with a wet sponge) and as a powder. Given you get the right shade of it, it can be your ticket to a flawless face! Like the brow set, depending on how much you use it, it can last months servicing you with a flawless skin with just minimal use. Some face powders offer the same coverage but MAC’s Studio Fix can really conceal the deal. It can last a whole day without touch ups (especially if you have dry to natural skin).

So here’s a quick look of me using my top 5 make up essentials.

pa-fresh lang :p

When you think about it, it pays to invest on good make ups, meaning make ups that’ll last on your face and will last for more than a few good uses. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I can get away with drug store make ups & home remedies (that’s another post) but I also want what’s best for my skin. These products have been tried & tested by yours truly and I swear by them on how efficient & effective they are on me, if you’re not sure don’t take my word for it. Instead, research on your own & find out what brands & products suits you best! 😉

Hope this helps!

That’s all!



Tried & Tested: The Body Shop Products

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Hi everyone! I’d just like to share with you all that even before I’ve been using MAC Cosmetics, I’ve been loyal to The Body Shop products. It was actually my sister who first used their products and later on introduced them to me. What I like about this company more than their products is their values (being against animal testing) and different kinds of advocacies (signature campaign against sex trafficking) which are evidently seen and have been successful thus far.

Having learned that they’re on sale (by the time I post this I think their sale has already ended-sorry!) I once again revisited my first loved store (of all things pretty and eco-friendly). Take a look at what I got.

my loot

Again as I’ve said before, I am just like any other girl who goes gaga whenever she enters any make-up or toiletries store. BUT. Unlike any other girls, I have learned to buy what I only need. If you only knew how hard that was, seeing a lot of make-up and beauty tools for half of their retail prices can really test your self-resistance and yes, I thank my will power that I managed to resist! See I’m no longer an impulsive shopper! Hooooray! 😀

Pardon if I don’t remember exactly how much each cost. I threw away the receipt and wasn’t able to check the prices plus I am very forgetful (blame it on the anesthesia) 😦

Paddle Brush P1200

This is the only product that I remembered the price , because it was NOT on sale LOL. Fine, it was less 10%  but since I got another product that’s also 10% off , the sales personnel who assisted me suggest that the second product (the lower-priced) be on 50% off instead of availing for the lousy 10% (so I agreed of course!)

Now if you’re too lazy (as I am) to brush your hair, the problem maybe because you don’t have a nice hair brush. Yes, sometimes it’s not you but the product that you use that makes you too lazy to take care of yourself. I quite have a good brush (from Goody) but I find it really heavy and that a few strokes tend to hurt my scalp and make me exhausted just like that, resulting to me opting on using my mini brush instead (one that I keep in my bag) from The Body Shop (as well). It’s light (although tiny) yet it easily detangles my hair. I thought it’s time I buy a bigger version of it thus, my first priority was to buy this paddle brush. Now, I’m loving brushing my hair, it’s not a burden to go for that 100 brush strokes every night! Even G loves using my paddle brush! This is an investment worth investing on ladies 🙂

Lip and Cheek tint P400+

I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Tint since I can remember (bagets days pa! I mean me and not the TV show, LOL) So this is the second thing I looked for during the sale. I’m not sure how much it is if it’s not on sale, not sure if it was at 40 or 50% off either. See, that just means I don’t buy them when they’re not on sale (tipid mode talaga). Yes, I am being frugal (My new motto: Why buy it on its regular price when you can wait for it when they put it on sale?!) I use this for my au naturelle look (will blog about that soon)

Blackhead remover P195

Yes, I bought this because I need it! I remember purchasing this before and left it at my parent’s house (when I got married and moved out) but I can’t find it anymore. The first time I asked The Body Shop for it, one of their sales personnel said they’ve stopped selling it. I was deeply saddened by that news. But look what I found in another branch of theirs, it is not discontinued after all, just ran out of stock. Tsk.

Tea Tree Blemish Gel P400+

This is one product that I can truly vouch for. Tried and tested to remove blemishes! This is the product that I got for 50% off so I got it for P200+. This is a better version of the famous sebo de macho, it smells good too. But if you want a more easy on the budget blemish remover I’ve got one that you might be interested in (but I won’t mention it here and I’ll just post it in another entry).

cake bronzer blush P1000+

I have only 2 blush on shades one is rosy pink and the other is brownish orange and I need not more BUT (yes, the big BUT strikes again) my sister-in-law was with me and she needed to buy a blush on, and we’ve learned that this pretty one is on sale (if you buy one, you can get the second one for P15 ONLY) and to be fair I suggested to my SIL that we both buy and pay only half for each bronzer, so we paid only P600+ for it, a steal indeed 🙂

So happy that I controlled myself and that I was able to buy the things that I need and want (yes you can need and want something at the same time) in their sale prices! Wohoooo! I love sales! 😉

For more information check out The Body Shop’s website for what they offer and what they stand for.

In lieu to this post please check out my other post regarding the loyalty card of The Body Shop.

That’s all!




as of today June 29,2011 The Body Shop has extended their sale! So go get your desired beauty products from them! 🙂 YAY!

Tried & Tested: Hair Treatment Products under 199 pesos!

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Hello everyone! You know how everybody (including me of course) loves finding easy on the budget products? Well here’s another tried and tested post. I am very conscious when it comes to my hair. It has been used and abused far too many times so I have to take extra care of it. Plus I had excessive falling hair when I was pregnant and even after I gave birth. So finding the right products that offer the same treatment you can have in a salon can be tricky.

Good thing I’m a curious cow and a budget conscious shopper, so I scouted the shelves of grocery stores, department stores and even drug stores and found my top 3 hair treatment products under 199 pesos 🙂

L-R: Monea Power Dose, Swallow Hot Oil Treatment, Pantene Pro-V Intensive Treatment

If you want to give life to your hair you should use this

P100+ (sorry I forgot exactly how much this is)

Monea products are effective and affordable too, I’ve also tried the blue colored bottle variant (I forgot the name & purpose of that one :|) If you want to condition your hair after a shampoo BUT doesn’t want that limp flat “ironed” look on your hair then this product is for you. It keeps hair “treated” but still gives a little “oomph” of volume to it. 😉

P99 (150g)

The tried and tested hot oil treatment from Swallow. I’ve been using this since I was introduced by my mom to it (high school days) and I’ve come to love it and so does my hair! Very very affordable way to give your hair the conditioning it needs, making it more shinier and polished. You can also try the (green bottled- menthol) leaves a tingly minty feel on your scalp.


If you have falling hair (and by falling hair I mean, too-much-hair-clogging-the-shower-drain kind of falling hair) then use Pantene Pro-V intensive treatment for hair fall. You can alternate it with your conditioner or use it once a week. It helps reduce hair fall, making hair smoother & softer. Plus, it smells so good too! 😉

There you go, my top 3 hair treatments under 199 pesos! DIY (do it yourself) products at home can be much more efficient (most of the time), you can manage the amount of hair treatment you put in your scalp, it’s easy on the budget, and most of all you can do frequently. Hope this was helpful for those who have a hard time finding the right and affordable hair treatment. 🙂

P.S. prices may vary depending on where you buy the products, better test product first before applying on your scalp to avoid allergies.

Tried & Tested: Healthy Option Goodies

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So I was supposed to categorize my tried & tested products based on their area of usage. Like shampoos & hair treatments together, while toners & moisturizers in another post. But since I’ve been loving Healthy Options, I’ve discovered a few products that are natural yet affordable enough to use everyday.

T.N. Dickson’s Original Witch Hazel Astringent

photo source under 100 Php for the small bottle

What I like about this astringent is that it doesn’t sting on your skin because it’s alcohol-free so it’ll not dry your skin. Plus it temporarily relieves skin irritations due to minor cuts, scrapes and insect bites. Also useful to calm, cool and cleanse your face and body.

photo source under 100 Php for the small bottle

 Then I discovered Dickson’s Pore Perfecting Toner. I’ve been on the look out for a good toner that’s cheap yet effective. According to a make up artist I know, choosing the right toner is essential in keeping the PH level of your skin (particularly your face) balanced. So if you’re not so sure as to what kind of toner to get, better start with what’s natural. Since I have a dry skin, this pore perfecting toner gives enough “life” on my dull skin.

For more check out Dickinson Brands website

My next find have been my favorite ever since I’ve discovered it. My issue with my hair started when I was pregnant, I was losing a lot of hair and all the shine & life was sucked right out of it so again, natural is the way to go. My doctor once told me that when buying for any product, the less color the better, meaning it has less chemicals & is close to being pure & natural. So clear is in.

photo source around 195 Php

 Nature’s Gate Biotin shampoo. After a month of using this product I have noticed how slowly my baby hair seemed to grow. Seriously, although my hair fall didn’t stop immediately it has indeed lessened.

photo source 195 Php

With the heat we’re experiencing here in Manila, flaky and irritated scalp can happen. When this particular problem occur, there’s only one solution: Tea Tree it! Tea Tree has proven effected for “drying” pimples and other superficial skin problems. I love how it really works especially on how soothing it feels once lathered on the scalp.

I have other interesting finds from Healthy Options but I think a separate post is appropriate for that!

Check out for a branch near you! 🙂