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Optimist Prime or Negatron?

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People who really know me know that I speak & understand beckimese (gay lingo). It’s something that seems and feels natural to me and gay people are close to my heart. Maybe I was one in my past life? Who knows. Anyway, I love how through gay lingo, (most of the time) thoughts and ideas are conveyed on a lighter note but with a deep subliminal meaning.So in fairness, smart talaga ang mga beckies! *cheers* (for those of you who wants to learn beckimese, I shall gather my becky friends and post a beckimese 101 guide 🙂 )

Finally, after 2 weeks I able to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon and I was somewhat paranoid (you know I’m a Com student and given I’ve learned how a movie is made, I still get affected watching movies :|). What if “aliens” really attack our planet one day? and what if that one day is soon? like the day after tomorrow? Eeeeeps! *head spinning slowly* I cut myself after even attempting to figure out the answers. I then heard myself say “stop being a Negatron” and then I just started smiling *big grin*. So I’ve learned that a gloomy moment can really be altered to an all out laughing trip, thanks to beckimese language LOL.

The next day as I was online and doing my usual thing, when I decided to write about these thoughts in my head (this was supposed to be a Transformers 3 post and my story about aliens :p) so I researched and I stumbled upon this illustration:

Optimist Prime vs. Negatron

OW. EM. GEEna Alajar! (gets nyo?!) Perfect! It’s like Google read my mind & conspired with the universe! I love, love, love it! (in a becky spelling, ay lav et! 😉 ) Truly, I’m an Optimist Prime (kampi ako kay Optimist este Optimus Prime syempre!), I believe (beauty queen answer?) negativity won’t bring you anywhere and that it is a complete waste of energy. Life really is too short and the world is too small to be hating on other people and to be spreading on bad vibes as well. Deadmatology na lang dapat! It is the key to a negatron-free life, I thank you! *bow*

So who created this? I have learned that the creator/illustrator is someone I have worked with before. He was my director for a Telecom TV commercial back in 2007 (see it here). He is none other than Avid Liongoren, truly he is a visual artist extraordinaire. He has done numerous multi-media works that challenged the mind’s creativity. Pasok sa banga ang creative skills niya. Very much alien lang siya na tumambay dito sa planet Earth!

If you want to check out more of his creations visit his online gallery, you can also purchase the Optimist Prime & Negatron illustration for printing.


Hi, direk! 🙂


Here’s the video of the Telecom TVC I did back in 2007. Spottan nyo ko! ;p


Have a great weekend everyone!

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Today’s Outfitey: Tan Blazer

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A person seen wearing this emulates he’s cool & he knows how to carry himself, that’s what wearing a blazer can do. Hollywood stars pair it with almost anything and still they can get away with it. Korean fashion have played around with it adding different designs, colors, accessories even textures to it. Indeed blazer is an outfitey key piece, it is part of every person’s wardrobe. It is essential when one has to immediately look polished without trying to look too polished. Get what I mean? A Blazer can spice up any outfit and you can wear it from a casual setting to an evening affair. That’s why I’ve gotten to love this key piece as well.


This is one of those quick pulled-together outfitey that can really work. If you’re in a rush and need to dress up but you’re too lazy to mix and match then wearing a blazer is the way to go! This is one of those days that I am terribly lazy and eating out in a (not at all) fancy restaurant need not a well-thought outfitey.


Black tent top: Maldita

Tan blazer: Emporio Armani (from Ebay!)

Gray shorts: Old Navy (Greenhills Tiangge, woot!)

Leopard sandals: Schu (currently my fave)

That’s all!




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5/30 Day Song Challenge

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Day 5 of the 30 Day Song Challenge

A song that reminds you of someone

Reminds me of a friend, who dedicated this song to her love. Now every time I hear this, reminds me so much of her. Theme song kung theme song talaga! :p

Today’s Outfitey: Printed Boyfriend Shirt

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Today’s Outfitey is brought to you by my good friend Enya Herrera. The key piece for this outfitey is printed boyfriend shirt. Boyfriend shirt has become an essential part of a girl’s wardrobe. It’s very easy to pair and very versatile too.

print on print

Here’s a good example on how to wear print on print. You can opt to pair a bright-colored printed top with a dark-colored ballet flats. Since Enya‘s petite she gets most of her cute & adorable clothes from the teens section, an advantage indeed!


Printed boyfriend shirt: FAB

Denim shorts: Zara

Leopard print flats: Tarte Tatin

Aviator shades: Mango

Belt: vintage

5 Things I’m Lusting After Right Now

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LUST. A very powerful word. A noun, meaning an overwhelming desire. It is something that has yet to be satisfied in order for that person to finally cease to obsess about the thing that causes such an overwhelming feeling.

There are a few things I’ve been eyeing on over the past few months. I was once an impulsive shopper until I learned that by being patient, I could get what I want for a cheaper price (if it goes on sale) or if not at least give me time to contemplate if I really want it in the first place. You see, every time I see the things that I want I couldn’t help but show my adoration to them by tinkering, gushing over & if possible trying them on to actually verify if my “lusting” isn’t just temporary. So after a few months of obsessing, I am more than sure that I want to get hold of them.

Here are the things that I’m currently lusting after:


Jeffrey Campbell Lita (Woven)

photo source

JC shoesies!

I’ve been eyeing on Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas. I like how very comfortable (yes, I’ve tried a few Litas already that’s how much I like love it!) Of all the shoe style Jeffrey Campbell is known for, I particularly fell in love with Lita. Boots is forever a staple shoe and you can’t go wrong with it! I particularly like the woven Lita as well as the mustard leather. They both look simple yet really an outfitey maker! Nelly’s next in line to my Lita. *ahem, to those who want to gift this to me for my birthday this August. You must know that I’m a size 7.5 for JC shoes* haha *hint! hint! to those who love meeee!* 😉 and yes, I believe a girl (even a boy) can never have to many shoes, ’nuff said 😉


14″ Cambridge satchel in green

photo source


13″ Cambridge satchel in taxi cab yellow.

photo source

Cambridge Satchels

trying on a 13″

Why 13″ or 14″ inch Cambridge Satchel? Because I like big bags. I have too many things in my bag and sporting a 13″ or 14″ is just perfect! Plus, it can fit my MacBook too! heehee. Also, I am proud to say I am no longer a bag hag. I’ve stopped looking for bags ever since my sister introduced me to designer bags. Why? Because it lasts longer compared to bags that may look stylish and affordable but would eventually flake after a few use (so I’d rather buy a bag once a year and invest on a really good bag-designer or not than buy multiple less expensive ones that”ll only last a few months, at least for me 😦 ) but take note that it really depends on the quality of bags/shoes, it doesn’t have to be designer, it could be brand-less for all I care. What’s important is the material used (so it can last for years) & the style that makes it a staple bag (one that you can actually pass on to your kids) that’s what matters 😉

trying on the 13"

Ever since I’ve learned that the Chocolate Schubar is the official distributor of these pretty bags, I been frequenting their stores checking out the satchels & was even tempted to place my order for it. But, the husband & I agreed I only get to buy a bag once a year (or maybe twice naman). I am in love with anything leather. It is durable & the smell of it is just irresistible! Glad that The Cambridge Satchel bags are not that pricey compared to designer bags so that’s one good excuse to tell Mr. Go so I can persuade him in buying it. *evil laugh* 😉


photo source 

Isn’t she pretty? I believe every girl should own a leather jacket. I prefer the brown/tan one rather than the black one but come to think of it, the latter is much sexier! LOL. I have yet to find the perfect leather jacket. I would’ve gotten one over the weekend since I saw one on sale from Zara but I was too lazy to look given there were a lot of people shopping plus, my shopping priority is home furnishings more than clothes. But don’t tempt me, next time I’m out I might just check it out (if it’s still on sale). *sighs* I could still smell the leather scent, too hypnotizing!


Eames Rocker Chair

 photo source

Zebra accent chair

photo source

Zuo Modern Leatherette Andromeda Chair Accent

photo source

Dwell's version of the Louis Ghost Chair

Dwell's version of Eames Rocker

Since we are moving to a bigger place, we’re very much thrilled in fixing & decorating our unit. But since we have existing furnitures, it is harder for us to find the appropriate pieces that would go well with our new home. One of the key furnitures that I’ve been obsessing about is finding the perfect accent chair. As you can see on the pictures above, me and my husband’s preference are quite the same. We like sleek, unique, modern & contemporary pieces, so choosing for the perfect accent chair would be a task. I’ve stumbled upon About A Chair who offers unique accent chairs! I’m very much excited to shop for that perfect accent chair but first we’ve got to finish installing the tiles! Will update you guys on our condo unit’s progress. For now, the hunt for the perfect accent chair is still ongoing 😉


 photo source

You all know I’m such a fan of books. I am a very proud bookworm and now that I’ll be having a bigger kitchen (we’ve even bought our oven already *screams*) I am very much excited to say that I am now loving on browsing (I’ve even tried to hoard) cookbooks! and every time I do so, I get all giddy & really imagine on how to cook each dish! (excited much?!) Not only that, I’ve been also obsessed with kitchenware, more than any household items.

photo source

Kitchenwares and storage items are now my favorite things to window shop! As much as I want to hoard everything (especially those from Japan Home and other P88/P68 stores) I can’t. As much as I want to own them all, condo living has limited space and the key to having a clutter-free house is to minimize things and even though it breaks my heart, I shall live with that. As what my shopping mantra says: “only buy what you need”, and I will happily do so. I’ve also gotten to love QUIRKS Novelties & Curiosities which offer cute purposeful products, thanks also to Inez Bernardo for featuring some items on her blog—> Yourhinez. I’m super excited to buy different kinds of storage & kitchenwares but not until we’ve moved after a few more months (relax Jackie) *pats self on the shoulder*

It’s okay to lust over material things, (for me, I think) it actually helps in making you realize how much you really want something right?! These things are really on my mind the past few months, I know they’re just earthly things and honestly wouldn’t really mind if I don’t get to have them anytime soon BUT (yes a big bad but!) I would be a lot happier if I get to have them *smiles like a good girl* Having to lust on these things also helps me to save up and not spend on anything that’s not relevant & lust-worthy. I hope I get to buy some of these things in the coming weeks, oh universe please conspire with me *crosses fingers*.  For now I’ll just enjoy  window shopping and online browsing and instead dedicate my energy to my family and the completion of our new home 😉

4/30 Day Song Challenge

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Day 4 of the 30 Day Song Challenge

A song that makes you sad

Yes, I would like this for my funeral. *yikes* It’s just one of those songs that makes me sad.

But moving on, today is definitely not a day of sadness because it’s a beautiful day! 😀

Let the countdown begin!

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Hi everyone! I am very much excited for August!

Mainly because it is my birth month! Yipeeeee! and with that said, I am gifting myself with a new & improved blog! Will be launching my new domain on August 1, 2011. Please watch out for it! I’m excited to share it with you all. Plus, a lucky reader might just win a goodie bag! 😉 Join me in the countdown! 😀