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New Year, New You!

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I’ve always had a “to do” and “goals” lists since I can remember. And what better way to do these lists than at the start of every new year eh? I couldn’t agree more.

I am an avid fan & reader of Ms. Jenni Epperson, I really think she’s one of the ladies who can balance every aspect of her life-family, friend, work & fashion! She’s an inspiration for new moms like me! YAY! 🙂

And so as I was reading her blog, I stumbled upon on this  article and I would like to share this to all of you.


Cheers to 2011!


01. Drink plenty of water.
02. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper
03. Live with the 3 E’s: Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.
04. Make time to pray.
05. Play more games.
06. Read more books than you did in 2010.
07. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
08. Sleep for 7 hours each day.
09. Take a 10-30 minutes walk daily. And while you walk, smile.

10. Know your limits.
11. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
12. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip.
13. Dream more while you are awake.
14. Envy is a waste of time; you already have all you need.
15. Forget issues of the past don’t remind your partner with his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
16. Life is too short to waste time hating others.
17. Make peace with your past and accept your mistakes. We’re only human.
18. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
19. Smile and laugh more often.
20. You don’t have to win every argument, agree to disagree.

21. Call your family and friends more often.
22. Each day give something good to others.
23. Forgive everyone for everything, even thought it’s hard!
24. Spend time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6.
25. Try to make at least three people smile each day.
26. What other people think of you is none of your business. Who cares?

27. Do the right thing!
28. TIME heals everything.
29. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
30. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.


I wasn’t able to write a goals list for this year, for I was (and still am) busy preparing for my babe’s 1st birthday next month

but this guideline sure can make up for my goals list for this year.

EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS put together. Thanks Ms. J for sharing this!

What a good way to start 2011 don’t you think?

Re-blog if you agree 😀 Share! share! & share some more!


A New Year’s Blog

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I’ve read this article on my parish bulletin dated Jan. 2,2011.

I like how true this is and how the writer thought of Jesus having his own blog & what He has to say 🙂

Would love to share this to all of you. Feel free to share as well 🙂


A New Year’s Blog

By: Nicky T.


In this digital age, status updates are the norm. The internet gives everyone the opportunity to voice out what they’re going through and what currently occupies their time. There’s that great freedom to just say what’s on your mind without the fear of being ridiculed or reproached. Everyone respects each other’s right to speak. So, that got me thinking: What if Jesus had His own blog to start of the New Year? Here’s my take on it:


Look like people partied and feasted on my birthday again. Got a few enthusiastic and sincere greetings, which I really am very grateful for, but pretty much everyone forgot this very significant day due to all the nonstop revelry. I should be used o it by now after more than 2,000 years, but it’s still nice to be remembered in some way.


Another year is upon us and I wonder if things will ber different. The usual faith challenges will arise. THere are followers who will fall and fail, but I’ll readily take them back and help them get up again. Even after so many centuries, there are those who still have yet to discover that I love them. Even if they don’t know it yet, I really love them.


Some zealous admirers of mine might at times get caught up in the pomp and circumstance of our rich liturgies. But, it would be better if they were to become more kind and understanding to the imperfections of the human race. That’s why I became man in the first place.
Whatever they feel, I feel. When they find themselves lost in the desert, I went through that as well. I know what it’s like to be betrayed and abandoned. I understand what it means to be heartbroken. But precisely in these imperfections, by entering into that, I hope to make perfect the broken im my love.


The simplest of gatherings becomes even more meaningful when the members truly love one another. I exist in homes located in squalor and even the most posh of villages. As long as love is nurtured and encouraged, I am there.


And even in the remotest of areas, I still am there. I was born on perhaps the darkest night of the year because I came to give light. Even if evil intent wishes for this love to be snuffed out, zi am confident that my love conquers all, even the hardest of hearts.


But, if the inns remains full, and if others are not willing to open themselves to my love, I cannot go where I am not wanted. I respected the free will my Father has given. This remains the most beautiful gift when one is given is freely answered in return.


So, even if a good number of even my closest friends might misunderstand my intentions, the love will always be there. Years pass by, but my love remains. That is what gives everyone hope; so I continue to love in spite of the risk of rejection. i love because that is what the world needs.



Happy New Year Everyone!


Funky Feet Winner!

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And one of the winners of the Funky Feet Giveaway is…

ME! YAY! 😀

Here’s my  Funky Feet Giveaway entry.

Thank you Pinay Mommy Online and Proud Mama Store for choosing my entry as one of the Funky Feet Safari Steppies Winner!

WINNER! 😀 Safari Steppies are my babe’s staple shoe wear for our Holiday Trip this Christmas! Will blog about that after 🙂

Meanwhile, due to my daughter’s love for Funky Feet, I’d like to share some more pictures of my fun fearless babe Gabbie wearing them.

Gabbie as a "china doll" on Halloween

Enjoying breakfast with Auntie Kim

on a family trip

another grocery time!

while malling

while dinning

another malling photo 🙂

Again thank you Pinay Mommy Online and Proud Mama Store 🙂

Funky Feet Giveaway for the Fun Fearless Babe

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Funky Feet Safari

My daughter Jasmine Gabrielle loves Funky Feet. She actually owns 9 pairs of it. Gabbie, as what we fondly call her hates wearing shoes mainly because she loves playing around the house all dressed up yet prefers barefoot. So as early as 3 months, we introduced to her Funky Feet and boy did she loved them! Now that she’s 8 months old and enjoying riding her walker and learning to stand on her own, she still prefers her Funky Feet over her shoes. I can’t blame her, these shoe like socks can fool anyone that they’re actually shoes plus they’re super comfortable & does not prevent the growth of my babe’s feet. Comfort & fashion are what Funky Feet has offered my fun & fearless 8 month old daughter.

Here are some of her pictures wearing them.

Gabbie & her Funky Feet in a party

On a family event

at another party

Funky Feet while lounging

while doing the grocery

chillin' at a coffee shop

You see, the reason why I want to win the Safari Steppies Funky Feet for my daughter Gabbie is because I know she’ll love it the way she loves her other Funky Feet or maybe even more! Plus it’ll also be perfect for her to wear it on our Christmas vacation abroad.

Now win or lose, I just wanna share to all mommies out there that if your child is like my Gabbie who hates wearing shoes but loves dressing up,  then I suggest you go & buy a box of Funky Feet for your little one. It’s perfect to match any baby’s outfit! 🙂

To order simply check out this baby online store in Philippines or check out Pinay Mommy for more information.

Tried & Tested: Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach

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Afraid to bleach but been meaning to try? No fret, another easy to use product has been tried & tested by yours truly.

I present to you Sally Hansen's Creme Hair Bleach.

Sally Hansen has yet proven how DIY products are safe, easy and worth your money.

Each kit includes (clockwise from top) :  a mini tub of the foam-like bleach, the activator, mini spatula for mixing and a mini cardboard. Plus the instruction manual too (photo not included).

How to use:

What I like about this product is that from preparation to application to rinsing is easy peasy.

-Make sure you prepare the area you intend to bleach. Say for the eyebrows or moustache area, rinse first with soap & water to avoid any oil or product residue. Pat dry and apply your mixture.

-Mix 1 portion of activator (about a heap full) and 2 portions of the foam-like bleach on the mixing board until it creates a creamy foam texture and you’re ready to use it. This volume of mixture can bleach both your eyebrows & moustache area.

-If it’s your first time to bleach the hair be sure to monitor the time. First leave it for 5 minutes, observe and if you still find the shade dark leave it for another 3 minutes. A total of 8 minutes can guarantee you that your hair (eyebrow or facial hair) will lighten to a light brown shade. But if you plan to achieve a “bleached” almost non-visible color, I suggest you leave it for a total of 10-13 minutes.

-Remove excess bleach with the spatula & rinse off the area with cold water.

The verdict:

The good:

Made especially for sensitive skin particularly for the use in the face. It is also very easy to use, perfect for woman on the go & women who are to busy to go to a salon. Price is also affordable (one trip to the salon for eyebrow bleach service is equivalent to one kit).

The bad:

Just like any other bleaching product, you might find the smell strong especially if you use it in the upper lip area, I suggest if you’re bother by the smell to use a nose plug & breathe through your mouth instead. Also a tingly sensation might occur due to the bleach taking effect. Since it’s foamy, you might observe that it feels as if the foamy mixture is bubbling through, worry not for this is normal.

Overall my experience with this product was great. A total running time of 20 minutes for preparation, application & rinse. Easy to use, delicate to your face and to your wallet. Each kit can last for up to 8-10 uses, depending on which area you plan to use it.

So if you’re a girl & have  at least 20 minutes in a month, P400+ pesos to spare and wants to have her unwanted hair invisible and eyebrows bleached, then grab a Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach right away! 😉


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Motherhood is the most fulfilling yet hardest job EVER.

Mother and Daughter

Now that I am a mother to a 7-month old baby girl, I’ve been asked the same question far too many times in the span of 7-months: “What do you do now?” and I always answer with confidence that I am now not only a housewife but a mother.

I don’t like it when people have this weird awkward reaction when they learn that the women they know are full-time moms or housewives. People tend to have this look that they’re thinking: why-be-ONLY-a-mother-when-you-can-do-so-much-more?!

I have observed even before I was a mom that most women I know (that are moms) when asked this question starts to have this uncertainty & disdain over their answers. It’s like being bullied secretly by men (not only men) and other women who have careers & count singlehood as their priority.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire people who are successful in their chosen career but I admire more the women who have chosen family above everything else because it’s hard to give up on something you know you’re good at and something you can call your own, yet it is even harder to focus all your energy and knowledge to your family’s needs.

Why motherhood is the most fulfilling yet hardest job ever? Let me give you a few random reasons why.

  • Mothers literally carry their children for 9 months, creating them in her likeness & ability.
  • Mothers’ primary role is to raise their children.
  • A human being is depending on you, and not just any human being but someone who is linked to you by body,blood & soul
  • Mothers are on-call 24/7 and may require overtime without.
  • Everything mothers do is without monetary compensation.
  • Mothers instinctively become their child’s stronghold & protector, even if the mother thinks she’s weak to be so.
  • In the world of motherhood, “bahala na” and half-cooked decisions/doings are not accepted.
  • Mothers exert more effort to give their best and their all in everything they do.
  • A mother and child share the same identity in the child’s first few months of living. They go together as one.
  • Mother’s job is to take (away) all the pain, fear & doubts of their children.
  • Mothers are role models not only for their kids but for their kid’s friends, their family and everyone immediate to her members of the family.
  • Mothers are teachers and guidance councilors, sometimes they also tend to be a tutor and even the principal.
  • Mothers are also the best friend, the first girlfriend, the playmate, the classmate and the shopping buddy of their kids.

I could go on and list down all the things that mothers can and are willing to do for their children. I am one of them, I believe there is no better job description motherhood entails and the reward could only result to one: on how the child grows up to become somebody somewhere through the mother’s guidance.

Now here are a few good reasons why I love being a mom and housewife:

  • I don’t need to work regularly to provide for my family.
  • I wake up late in the morning or sleep late at night without worrying about my job.
  • I get to bathe,feed,burp and put my daughter to sleep.
  • Afternoon naps and playtime with my daughter.
  • I control my own time & schedule.
  • I get trips to the salon, spa and gym regularly.
  • I get to see my daughter grow before my eyes (literally).
  • I get to see my husband appreciate the work I’ve put up in maintaining a good household & in utilizing my skills.
  • I am stress-free.
  • I wake up each day with a smile, looking forward to a spontaneous day.
  • I get to appreciate the simplest things in life.
  • I get to watch my favorite series everyday.
  • I have a free time.
  • Best of all, I am closer to my child and have a bond (with my family) that time cannot bring back nor money cannot buy.

So to all mothers and soon-to-be mothers, next time you’re asked by someone that question. Answer it with pride & confidence because everyone can be a child but not everyone can be a mother.

Tried & Tested: Pancake House & Gurt’s Yogurt

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Ever since I gave birth to my daughter 7 months ago, I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle by starting to go to the gym and eating a healthier meal.

My friend Honey Teodoro blogged about  LOW SALT Advocacy (PHGR) of some of the restaurants around the metro. One of them includes Pancake House.

I have been a loyal customer of Pancake House mainly because I love American food, particularly waffles, burgers and steaks. But when Honey, blogged about Pancake House’s Low Salt meals I was curious enough to try it.

Introducing Pancake House’s Low Salt Diet

(Pardon the low quality of the pictures, I only used my iPhone)

Anyway, I tried the Grilled Maple Chicken on Fruity Salad.

low salt salad for P180

The verdict:

If you’re used to eating salty foods (like I am) then at first you might have the urge to ask your server for a table salt, but after the first bite it completely changed my mind. I found the dish less flavorful at first but then I realized that I eat too much salt and that the taste of the dish was just right. It’s not bland, the chicken is flavorful enough that no additional seasoning/salt is needed. The salad dressing  is fruity but not that sweet, it’s taste blends perfectly with the greens. Just enough flavor to give your tongue something to savor.

Over-all it’s good for your health (you’re kidneys will thank you) and easy on your budget. Good job Pancake House!

Now on with dessert.

My sister Kim has influenced me in eating yogurt & I must say that ever since my introduction to it, I’ve been liking yogurt more than ice cream.

I now give you Gurt’s Yogurt

Gurt's Yogurt

The verdict:

Sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures of Gurt’s Yogurt menu.

Basically the taste was okay and nothing fancy just your plain old yogurt flavor,                 I ordered the regular size for P70+.

If you’re a fan of Red Mango (like I am) then you wouldn’t like Gurts much. I find it’s yogurt more sour than the others that I somewhat felt it’s sourness scratching down my throat while gobbling it (not the best feeling at all).

As for the toppings, each topping is at P20, I was quite disappointed on how little each serving of toppings are. Also, they only have limited toppings to choose from but what I like about it is that they have unusual toppings such as sweetened saba. My fave! Yum!

My Pancake House experience over-all was about healthy eating and so far I am glad that restaurants in the Metro are slowly becoming part of the advocacy for healthy eating & healthy living. I wish that more establishments would create healthy menu that is satisfying and right on the budget.

So. Got anything healthy to share? 😉