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Today’s Outfitey: Leather Moccasins

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Moccasins are back! (have they ever left in the first place?) I love how classic items are being reinvented, fashion indeed is evolving. For a shoe lover like me, I can honestly say there’s more to shoes than being just all pretty. And yes, sometimes I unconsciously judge a person based on his/her shoes. (Sorry naman, tao lang!) But seriously, there’s a lot to say about someone who has nice shoes. It may not be expensive but the style & heel are always important (okay, I will make a post about shoe 101 soon 😉 )

So for today’s key piece, I believe you already know what: Moccassin shoesay.

Mocca Moccasins! LOL

What’s good about this tan-colored moccasin is that you can actually pair it with anything! Bongga! 😉 Again, like I said, wearing shoes in tan, brown or nude makes your legs look longer (feeling taller naman ako! ;p). Since the shoe is simple, it’s nice to pair it with printed tops, dress of bottoms to give variety to your oufitey.


Printed long-sleeved polyester dress: Una Rosa (ayan, this is another “chiffon” clothing)

Brown braided belt: Dorothy Perkins

Heeled tan leather moccasins:  Renegade Folk

Thanks again RF! Bongga talaga your shoesays!

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Check out Renegade Folk’s collection at:

That’s all!




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Happy Monday! 😀

I’ve got mail!

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Look at what came in the mail today.

Private Sale Invite

More than patronizing local brands, there are some international brands that have been part of my closet ever since. Among the few would include Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Mango & Zara. I have made a few friends from the staff of the said brands, mainly because I always have items reserved. Lucky for me, they have been very friendly and always keep me posted for new collections and pre-empt sales. It’s that time of the year again when mid-season sale is up and about. This time I got a VIP invite for Topshop, Topman & Dorothy Perkins Mid-Season Sale. Trivia: These three brands are exclusive franchise of Robinsons Specialty Stores Inc.

Thanks Robinsons Specialty Stores for the invite 🙂 I do hope if not SM, you would bring H&M here. Oh please oh please!

Looking forward to this event, must bring my girls.

Don’t you just love SALES?! 😉