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Food Junction

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Another Sunday’s Best post! Walking around the complex of Eastwood City, we stumbled upon the (newly) opened Food Junction that’s located just before the connecting bridge of Eastwood City Walk & Eastwood Mall (right above Blu Onion).

Eastwood’s Food Junction has a variety of food stalls, varying from one cuisine to another.

curious cow strikes again

choose from these stores

Take a look 😉

all about ADOBO

spot the menu

Modern Adobo 99 Php

 Nothing really spells “modern” in this Adobo meal, it’s actually just a regualr kind of Adobo.

all about Manok

busog meals

BD1 meal 155 Php

The meal was okay,good enough if you’re really hungry, their chicken is their specialty.

quick fire perhaps?

guess what I ordered?

Kalbi Burrito 140 Php

I'll try one of these next time


It was a hearty meal, but the beef wasn’t  tender as I expect it to be.

cute logo!

Takoyaki's their specialty?

ta-ko-ya-ki (9 pcs) 103 Php

Their takoyaki was yummy but lacks filling.

now I want a takoyaki maker ;p

Chicken Teriyakidon 98 Php

Mix Maki (18 pcs) 180n Php

Shoyu (Pork) Ramen 98 Php

Yakisoba Noodles 55 Php

Gyoza (5 pcs.) 55 Php

Here are the other food stalls inside Food Junction

Pink Kitchen

Fu Yoh!

Visit Food Junction:

Connecting Eastwood Mall & Eastwood Citywalk (right above Blu Onion)

FF: Crisostomo, Eastwood

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Celebrated Philippine Independence Day by eating at Crisostomo in Eastwood City Libis.

Pardon the quality of pictures, I used my phone.


Cozy Ambiance

They have nice interior. I especially like their chairs, its stylish yet comfortable.

The price is not so bad, each dish ranges from P100-P400 depending on the specialty of the dish. If I’m not mistaken ours cost around P200-P300/dish good for at least 2 persons per dish. Not bad at all!

For late lunch, we ordered Ginisang Monggo (Mung Beans Soup) & Bopis

very Pinoy presentation of food

Ginisang Monggo or Mung Beans Soup is a poor man’s dish in Filipino, but I tell you this is not a poor dish at all!

Beans anyone?

Ginisang Monggo is one of my favorites! It’s a very healthy dish, infused with malunggay leaves (moringa) which adds up flavor.

Ginisang Monggo

topped with chicharon & shrimps

Crisostomo’s Ginisang Monggo has chicharon (pork skin) & dried shrimp toppings. It makes the beanie soup crunchy and more flavorful.

w/ tuyo toppings too!

Tuyo (dried fish) is one of the famous “poor man’s” food as well. It is a salty flavorful fish that is soaked in (Olive) oil and can be eaten along with rice, dipped in vinegar or mixed with tomatoes. It’s also perfect as a topping for Ginisang Monggo or even in Champorado too.


Bopis, is another famous Filipino dish. It is a mixture of sautéed pork lung and heart with tomatoes, onion and chili pepper.

What I like about Crisostomo’s Bopis is that it’s chewy, cooked just right, tender yet gives the teeth something to chew.

cute fish saucer

I like eating spicy foods and if it’s not spicy enough I put on additional condiments, particularly patis (fish sauce) w/ chili pepper.


a touch of Filipino culture

Their interiors give you a modern feel yet still manages to incorporate a Filipino touch. Spot the wall of Maria Clara & Jose Rizal inspired pictures.

The over-all experience in Crisostomo was good. Food was great, ambiance was lovely and service was excellent. Oh did I mention the place has wi-fi? Just ask one the staffs for the password. 🙂 YAY!

Crisostomo is located at:

2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no. (02) 7101693

Tried & Tested: The A. Shop (Eastwood)

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Good service is always better. I believe that service is suppose to be as good as the product you’re getting.

I was searching for the premium resellers of Apple products here in the Philippines and I have stumbled upon all of them.

I called each of them to inquire about the new MacBook, if it’s already available here. Some were eager to answer my questions, while some weren’t. I was also shocked to learn that a certain franchise reseller store’s staff are incompetent & are bastos (rude) in answering my query (I also learned they have been a topic of numerous forums, I would love to name their store but this post is not dedicated to them) . Anyway, after a few calls I found the perfect store that I think has the most friendly & competent staff that I’ve talked to.

I have talked to Tin of The A. Shop in Eastwood City Libis. She has been very nice and eager not only in answering my queries but also in managing to add a few information on my chosen product. I was able to reserve a MacBook before it even arrived in their store.

I love their facade!

a peek inside

a place to explore

meet the friendly staff (l-r) Dory, Tina, & Dave

According to them, I was their first customer to purchase the new MacBook. YAY! 🙂 Wait, do I get a prize or something?! LOL

what's in the bag? 😉

Meet my new toy, hello there Aphrodite

So if you have to buy an Apple product or any accessory for your Apple product, go visit The A. Shop in Eastwood City Libis, their friendly staff would be more than willing to accommodate you, no matter how kulit (annoying) you are. 😉

Thanks again to Tin, Dory & Dave! I’ll see you guys soon on my next purchase! YAY 🙂

For more information you can call:

The A. Shop Eastwood at 4701286 or 4701249