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SS: Love Happens

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DVD night last night so Mr. Go let me pick what to watch and I chose this:

"Not your usual hollywood love story"

My insight over this movie is all about being genuinely honest to yourself.

It is true that in order for one to live, he or she must learn to love and in order for one to love someone, he or she must love himself or herself first, and in order for you to love yourself, you must be honest and true to yourself in order to do so.

I think many can relate to this movie. May it be because of the romance that bloomed between Eloise (Aniston) & Dr. Burke (Eckhart)  , or relating on how a psychologist (Eckhart) help people cope up with losing a loved one, or simply just liking the film’s story, characters, setting and actors. Whichever the reason is, I think the main message of the story is to be honest to yourself.

To practice what you preach. People really do give advices whether they’ve experienced the situation or not, whether it’s solicited or not. It’s our nature to relate and to share something that’s part of us even if it’s just our thought, our listening ear, or our mind. But what most people don’t know is that they unconsciously share their heart and our soul to the person whom they think deserve it the most.

Love happens not when you’re ready. Love happens not always to the one you think you’re in love with. Love happens not only to those who wait. Love happens when you least expect it. Love happens to those who embrace it. Love happens to those who are true to themselves.

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