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Last night’s DVD was brought to us by Mr. Go

He always likes suspense, horror & movies that has a flare for “based on/from” .

Legion was his pick. We were both intrigued.

not to be taken seriously

But this movie isn’t totally “based on”. It is biblically inaccurate, ¬†could God really lose faith in mankind? If so, then why did an angel such as Michael never did? Also metaphors used in the film could’ve been better, the weak against the good was okay but then the symbols used for the weak & the good wasn’t. The movie is theoretically inaccurate as well. I won’t bore you with the details. Watch for yourself.

All I know is that faith is not measurable. It is something we do voluntarily for ourselves most of the time. That’s why we ask God for guidance and that we mostly put our faith to Him for we all know that He will never ever let us down unlike other people. But in the movie it’s actually the opposite which somewhat bothered me.

It actually turned out to be a zombie-kind-of-movie. Nevertheless, Archangel Michael could’ve never been played by anyone else but Paul Bettany.