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Mango Mid-Year Sale 2011

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Ladies! It’s the time of the year again where everything (well, almost) is on sale. June isn’t only  known for as the month of weddings and the start of classes here in the Philippines. But for the shopper in us, know that June is also the time wherein our pockets & wallets are in its thinnest & lightest form, thanks to the mid-season sales. And why I hate getting and receiving spam newsletters from various establishments, I am happy to say that I love getting invites (from my favorite stores of course) & knowing the latest happenings before everyone else does (or at least before the stocks run out).

So let me share with you what I received in the mail. (Sorry, I know this is kinda late since I got the mail last Wednesday but learned it’s on my spam folder :|)

you had me at 50% off!

Woot! woot! Mid-year sale from Mango on all of their stores started this week!

Mango is LOVE

 I was able to check out Mango’s mid-year sale yesterday. There were so many good items on sale, too good that the moment I stepped in I asked for a bag & filled it up with all sorts of clothing and in less than 10 minutes I already needed a new bag to fill in. LOL There were also a few nice bags  priced for as low as P1,199 to P3,000+. But I promised my husband I won’t buy any bags this year (since I got a designer bag last Christmas) thus my itch for a Cambridge Satchel bag is still lingering and my placing an order for it is on hold. 😐

Nonetheless, the good news is that I am no longer an impulsive buyer. After the garage sale I had two days ago (which was a success by the way), I had enough moolah on hand BUT controlled myself and was able to buy only 1 pair of pants. The one style I’ve been eyeing on since early this year (regular retail price was way expensive for a pair jeans, at least for me) was put on sale and it was at  50% off! Hoooray! From P3,000+ I got it for P1,000+ and it had my size, so it was really meant for me. LOL! Will feature it on one outfitey post soon! Am I being such a teaser? Yes, yes I am. 😉

So if I were you right after reading this, I’d run to a Mango store near you. Yes, now na!

*Sale runs until supplies last*

Enjoy ladies! I hope you get a steal from Mango’s mid-year sale for 2011. 😉

Have a great long-weekend everyone! 😉