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Mercato Favorites Weekend Treats

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You all remember I posted an entry regarding my first ever tweetup at Mercato Centrale. Now I’d like to share with you all the good news about Mercato.

hear ye! hear ye!

Who: You! Me? Yes you! You’re invited to Mercato Favorites Weekend Treat!

What:  Discounts from your favorite shops ONLY at Mercato Centrale 

When: THIS WEEKEND ONLY> April 30 & May 1.

Where: Mercato Centrale haven’t been there yet? So easy. Corner of 34th St. and 8th Ave. besides MC Home Depot, Bonifacio Global City

Why: Because you wouldn’t want to miss out on these lovely treats. THAT’S WHY.

and would you be able to resist these?!

Manang's chicken FTW!

Mochiko's black sesame mochi

Mochiko's caramelo mochi

Visit Mercato Centrale over the weekend and give your tummy & wallet the pleasure that they deserve! 😉

Mercato Centrale Tweetup

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So as you all know I am an active addict Twitter user and some of my tweeps were talking about a tweetup happening (last weekend). Curious enough & wanted to meet new people, I signed up.

spot my twitter name on the sign up sheet

 Good timing ‘coz we usually have the weekend scheduled a week before, so this was really meant to be. Sabeeeh? 🙂 Plus the husband and I are itching on checking out  Mercato Centrale and this was a perfect opportunity to do so.

everything on stick!

 I am a food lover. I eat almost everything (except okra,gabi,chicken feet, liver) so being in a food tiangge is indeed heaven! Sorry if I didn’t take enough pictures. I was so hungry and excited at the same time that taking pictures was my least priority.

meat anyone?

 Wide variety of food. From different viands to street food to gourmet food. They also have desserts, fresh produce as well as organic foods. Sad talaga no pictures for everything but you have to experience it for yourself.

different kinds of pasta

I ordered the lasagna, it was creamy & yummy! Next time I’ll avail the other unique pasta dishes.

angus beef tapa

I ordered Jago angustapsilog, he liked it but felt bitin coz he was really hungry.

a different kind of iced tea

 You all should try Gold Leaf Fiesta iced tea. It tastes like sago’t gulaman! I love love love sago’t gulaman! Wish it’s available in the grocery already. I had 2 glasses of it, too yummy to resist!

Manangs chicken

The famous fried chicken style that’s a hit nowadays. Well I personally like how crispy it is & how the flavor seeps into the meat itself.

hello people!

Did I mention there were a lot of people? As in a lot. The only downside to going at Mercato Centrale is the heat. Since it’s summer, we really can’t blame the Mr. Sun eh? So next time, we might check out Midnight Mercato instead. I bet it’s much steady and relaxed than Mercato Centrale but nonetheless we still love Mercato! 🙂

Tweetup registration

We were almost done eating & looking around when we registered for the tweetup. Oh well, it’s never to late you know 😉

with my old & new found friends

the tweeple

My colorblocked family with our family friend The Hungs 🙂

 We enjoyed Mercato Centrale, the food and the new found friends. Hoping we can go to Midnight Mercato next time.

To more tweetups & tweeple!

Mercato Centrale is located at 34th St. & 8th Ave. (across MC Home Depot) Bonifacio Global City Taguig.


cellphone: 0917 5318949