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My New Baby Is Almost Ready!

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My new baby is almost ready! But no, it’s not human. It’s my blog’s new home (domain). Yipeeeee!

oh baby!

3 more days til you get to see my new site. Well, nothing much will change except for my new domain and blog name. Easier to remember and very me. Go! Jackie Go! Because I’m just like that :p

So please, while you’re here, go check my new site Go! Jackie Go!  Go to

Let the countdown begin!

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Hi everyone! I am very much excited for August!

Mainly because it is my birth month! Yipeeeee! and with that said, I am gifting myself with a new & improved blog! Will be launching my new domain on August 1, 2011. Please watch out for it! I’m excited to share it with you all. Plus, a lucky reader might just win a goodie bag! 😉 Join me in the countdown! 😀

how it all started

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So, this is what a blog looks like. Hello there wordpress.

It suddenly occurred to me that I wanna create my own blog, since I have been going online everyday checking mails, facebook, twitter, even doing online shopping, so I think it’s time for my writing to be techie too. It’ll help much for the environment that one person will use less paper & that there would be no missing journal for me! So I choose wordpress for this reason: It easy & has it’s Iphone app! I could update my blog on the go. YAY! 🙂

Writing for me is a therapy (aside from shopping!). I don’t know if a normal person has so many thoughts going on in his/her head but I know I do. Back in the days (wow, i sounded like an oldie) when all you needed was a pen & a paper, I would always have one whenever I go and just randomly write whatever I think of whether it’s a word, a sentence, a description of an image or just anything at all that crosses my mind. I also remember writing on our house’s  walls, stairs, doors even windows when I was a kid. Writing then seemed to be my second nature next to breathing!

I have been writing since i was in grade school & I developed it when I was in high school. I remember competing & winning in an inter-school writing competition under the feature category. The topic is about POWER. Power in any form and in any way. So i thought, what is the ultimate representation of power? GOD. Yes, my title was: “I am God, or so I thought I am”. Too bad i lost copy of my winning piece 😦

Sadly, I’ve lost my journals somewhere in transit while we moved from one city to another, too bad I would’ve wanted my daughter to see them so that she’ll have an idea on how crazy her mom is but that’s another story 😉 Now, I think my wordpress would last until my daughter’s old enough to create & have her own. Well, I am officially a blogger! YAY ME! 🙂