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A New Year’s Blog

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I’ve read this article on my parish bulletin dated Jan. 2,2011.

I like how true this is and how the writer thought of Jesus having his own blog & what He has to say 🙂

Would love to share this to all of you. Feel free to share as well 🙂


A New Year’s Blog

By: Nicky T.


In this digital age, status updates are the norm. The internet gives everyone the opportunity to voice out what they’re going through and what currently occupies their time. There’s that great freedom to just say what’s on your mind without the fear of being ridiculed or reproached. Everyone respects each other’s right to speak. So, that got me thinking: What if Jesus had His own blog to start of the New Year? Here’s my take on it:


Look like people partied and feasted on my birthday again. Got a few enthusiastic and sincere greetings, which I really am very grateful for, but pretty much everyone forgot this very significant day due to all the nonstop revelry. I should be used o it by now after more than 2,000 years, but it’s still nice to be remembered in some way.


Another year is upon us and I wonder if things will ber different. The usual faith challenges will arise. THere are followers who will fall and fail, but I’ll readily take them back and help them get up again. Even after so many centuries, there are those who still have yet to discover that I love them. Even if they don’t know it yet, I really love them.


Some zealous admirers of mine might at times get caught up in the pomp and circumstance of our rich liturgies. But, it would be better if they were to become more kind and understanding to the imperfections of the human race. That’s why I became man in the first place.
Whatever they feel, I feel. When they find themselves lost in the desert, I went through that as well. I know what it’s like to be betrayed and abandoned. I understand what it means to be heartbroken. But precisely in these imperfections, by entering into that, I hope to make perfect the broken im my love.


The simplest of gatherings becomes even more meaningful when the members truly love one another. I exist in homes located in squalor and even the most posh of villages. As long as love is nurtured and encouraged, I am there.


And even in the remotest of areas, I still am there. I was born on perhaps the darkest night of the year because I came to give light. Even if evil intent wishes for this love to be snuffed out, zi am confident that my love conquers all, even the hardest of hearts.


But, if the inns remains full, and if others are not willing to open themselves to my love, I cannot go where I am not wanted. I respected the free will my Father has given. This remains the most beautiful gift when one is given is freely answered in return.


So, even if a good number of even my closest friends might misunderstand my intentions, the love will always be there. Years pass by, but my love remains. That is what gives everyone hope; so I continue to love in spite of the risk of rejection. i love because that is what the world needs.



Happy New Year Everyone!


how it all started

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So, this is what a blog looks like. Hello there wordpress.

It suddenly occurred to me that I wanna create my own blog, since I have been going online everyday checking mails, facebook, twitter, even doing online shopping, so I think it’s time for my writing to be techie too. It’ll help much for the environment that one person will use less paper & that there would be no missing journal for me! So I choose wordpress for this reason: It easy & has it’s Iphone app! I could update my blog on the go. YAY! 🙂

Writing for me is a therapy (aside from shopping!). I don’t know if a normal person has so many thoughts going on in his/her head but I know I do. Back in the days (wow, i sounded like an oldie) when all you needed was a pen & a paper, I would always have one whenever I go and just randomly write whatever I think of whether it’s a word, a sentence, a description of an image or just anything at all that crosses my mind. I also remember writing on our house’s  walls, stairs, doors even windows when I was a kid. Writing then seemed to be my second nature next to breathing!

I have been writing since i was in grade school & I developed it when I was in high school. I remember competing & winning in an inter-school writing competition under the feature category. The topic is about POWER. Power in any form and in any way. So i thought, what is the ultimate representation of power? GOD. Yes, my title was: “I am God, or so I thought I am”. Too bad i lost copy of my winning piece 😦

Sadly, I’ve lost my journals somewhere in transit while we moved from one city to another, too bad I would’ve wanted my daughter to see them so that she’ll have an idea on how crazy her mom is but that’s another story 😉 Now, I think my wordpress would last until my daughter’s old enough to create & have her own. Well, I am officially a blogger! YAY ME! 🙂