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Today’s Outfitey: Boyfriend Jeans

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Today’s Outfitey is different, hindi ako ang rarampa to show you my outfit but rather a good friend of mine. I kinda thought this would be a good idea since people I know (especially friends) dress well. Eye candy kungbaga. Anyway pagpasensyahan ang spelling sa Filipino words, bulol kase ako at hindi kasama sa awards ko ang Best in Filipino 😦

Moving on, ladies & beckies (as well as guys who are single out there) I’d like you to meet my friend Enya Herrera

petite is sweet 😉

Enya who works in the advertising industry is a busy person (sabeh?!) but still she manages to pull off cute & quirky outfiteys. Being busy or even stressed and ngarag with work is no excuse to not look your best, dapat pa nga inspiration ito para you’ll feel good about yourself di ba? For someone who is petite, it’s not easy to dress up. Syempre there are limitations when it comes to height but what I like about this girlaloo is that game na game sya at she uses her being petite as an advantage. Hindi ko nga kayang magheels the whole day pero siya walk in the park lang for her, literally! CHOS!


Stripes loose top: Topshop

Boyfriend jeans: Purple Denims

Rosette heels: Janilyn

Pretty fez:  Enya Herrera (pinilit lang akong isama toh! j/k)

Petite women can wear loose top just mind the length rather than the width too long can make you shorter but deadma naman if it’s loose width wise. Also boyfriend jeans is a trend this season. No need to buy one, if you have those loose straight cut jeans from the 90’s eh winner na, recycle it na lang para very much vintage lang ang peg. An advantage of petite girls is that they can wear heels and still look casual & cute. Minsan pag tall girls at naka heels laging ang tanong “saan ang gimik or debut?!” haha but seriously, another advantage petite girls have is that they can buy clothes & shoes from teens & even kid’s stores. Lalo na those from US or Euro countries mura na cute pa! 🙂 Di ba Ens? 😉 Anyways, I’d like to thank you Enya for letting me take your feachur & posting this on my blog, winner ka! 🙂

Follow my friend Enya Herrera (enyaherrera) on Twitter.

I hope my other friends would welcome the idea of featuring them for my blog’s category: Today’s Outfitey! 😉

That’s all!



Today’s Outfitey: Brogues

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I’ve been bombarded the past few days by friends to create a look book. To be honest, I don’t think my outfits are look book worthy or I’m just to lazy to mix & match my clothes to be look book worthy. LOL

Sooooo after thinking about it, I decided to give in. Since I find dressing up to be fun, I thought it won’t do harm posting my “creations” & channel the inner stylist in me. Sabeeeeeh?! Plus, I think this’ll be beneficial to me in the long run, so as to see how my dressing & wardrobe improve over time. LOL

I named this part of my blog as “TODAY’S OUTFITEY!” Becky na becky lang right? Trulili, I am also channeling the inner becky in me. Para catchy, short but sweet and straight to the point. Waley na ang mga pa-cute names ng looks para easy for everybody. I’ll be featuring one or two key pieces in every outfitey para easy breezy covergirl lang ang dating! :p


Ladies & Beckys, here’s my very first published outfitey.


Back to brogues

I have tons of basic colored clothes, mainly earth colors and a good way to spice up such colors is to add key pieces such as a necklace or a fab shoes.

E yun meron na pala ang sisterette ko ng black & white brogues noon circa 1990s? Kalowka pinamigay lang nya 😐

Today’s key piece

So nagbighani muli ako sa brogues. Ganda lang kase. I was torn between the black & the beige one but then again I chose the latter, it’s more feminine plus beige/cream colored shoes tend to make your legs look longer. Ika nga ni Melanie Marquez, “I am long-legged!” LOL. Siya na! :p


Black studded top: Mango

Mocha soft blazer: Cotton On

White shorts: Forever 21

Beige Brogues: Renegade Folk

Bag: Louis Vuitton

That’s all. 🙂



photo: c/o yayey ni Gabbie :p