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Mother’s Day

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May has always been a busy month for me and Mr. Go. It’s his dad & mom’s birthday, our annual visit to  Antipolo Church , our beach trip, our Ninang’s birthday, and now added is his boss’ birthday, the election (for 2010) and Mother’s Day.

We don’t really celebrate Mother’s Day, just a simple lunch with my family and dinner with his, that’s our traditional Mother’s Day but this year is different. This is actually my very first Mother’s Day and I was somewhat not used to getting messages in Facebook, Twitter and on my mobile phone. Mr. Go surely knows how to do last-minute things, since I don’t really like flowers and I’ve been wanting to cut down on sweets the only thing proper to do is treat me to some shopping! Thanks so much for that! 😉 How wonderful it is to be a mother knowing you have the best husband and the most adorable daughter! Now, that’s a Mother’s Day treat!

Mother’s Day is a way to celebrate how much we love and show how much we appreciate our mothers. It is true the saying that “we will only understand something once we’ve been in that situation”.  Yes, I am one of those daughters who can never understand the traditional kind of “love” a mother shows her daughter. How conservative a mom is, how eager they are in giving us the best of almost everything in the world, how all out she can be in supporting you in what you love to do, how she can be your best-est friend yet worse enemy, how she can be your secret-keeper and your secret-spoiler at the same time. Eventually I learned that every mother is different, now that I am one myself. It’s our unusual yet unique way of loving and showing that love, it is our passion not obligation to instinctual care and protect for our child, and it is our undying and unconditional love that sets us apart from all the other “titles” or “roles” in the world.

I salute all the working moms for they manage to juggle between motherhood and career. I salute all the OFW moms for no matter how hard & difficult it is to be apart from their child/ren they still manage to do so. I salute all the full-time moms for their ultimate career is to take really good care of their child/ren. I salute all single moms for they do well raising their child/ren all by themselves. I salute all the mothers in the world for without them we wouldn’t exist! I have nothing but respect for all the mothers in the world.



Mommy Tong

Mama Go

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommies! 🙂

Don’t ever take for granted the people you love. Say you love them and show you love them, it’s never too late to do so 🙂 YAY!

accidental naturalization

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"the start of a blissful domestication"

Based from my comment on the post » Sunday Morning of all the things I have ever imagined happening to me & my life, being blissfully domesticated at the age of 23 was never one of them.

Although I have experienced some of the “physical” attributes of domestication one thing is for sure, that I wasn’t prepared for the emotional side of it.

I’ve learned to take care of a baby when I was 18. I’ve taken care of my sister’s daughter from the moment she came home from the hospital up until before she turned a year old, it was because my brother-in-law was working away & my sister needed help. Since I am fond of babies I gave it a try & actually liked it. It was our mom who taught me how to feed, change nappy, burp, and bathe a baby.  I was in charge of the night shift, since I am a night person everything was  easy peasy.

When it comes to home making I think I am also pretty good at it. Mom really loves fixing the house & I together with my other sister are her assistants when it comes to it. She taught us well when it comes to proper decoration, assortment,organizing & storage of things.

Cooking on the other hand needed no forced lesson from my mom. We love eating & cooking is one of my mom’s specialty. She’s a kapampangan & it is proven that Pampangeneos are excellent cooks! It’s second nature for her to cook & for her it’s not a task at all. I remember my sisters & I would watch our mom cook & would let us assist her & actually earn from it during summer. With that I’ve learned to marinate & cook steak at the age of 13 and bake at the aged 10.

So if you ask me, what’s left to be accomplished? I say the emotional side of being domesticated was something I wasn’t prepared for. Sure all these “chores” are easy to do once you’ve learned & mastered it but nobody can teach you how to feel & react to things & issues that comes with being domesticated. Of course advices & stories from parents, relatives & friends are helpful but at the end of the day it’s between you, your husband, & children but most especially, it’s the emotional battle within yourself that you have to face & figure out.

I’ve always included in my prayers that if there’s something I need strength for it’s not to endure the physical pain but the emotional struggle that I might have to face.

Yes, everything seemed natural for me & being “accidentally domesticated” at a young age by my sisters & mother really helped me to become a mature person. It’s the emotional naturalization that I needed to learn for myself, and it began when Mr. Go proposed to me 2 years ago, now that’s blissful domestication. 🙂