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what’s with the name?

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"we're like a pair of slippers,one cannot go about without the other"

You all may be wonderin’ why in all my online sites I use the same username: chiniebeenie. My nick name is actually quite common & a few people I know have the same one as mine (Jackie). Also, Mr.Go’s brother’s girlfriend is also named Jackie. So you’re probably guessing it’s my second name? No Chinie isn’t my second name, in fact I don’t even have a second name. Okay here’s the story behind it, when Mr. Go (husband) & I were dating 5 years ago there’s this one quote that he sent me, he’s really not the kind of guy who would use & copy quotes or cheesy lines just to be sweet, I personally think that the saying “action speaks louder than words” is very much applicable to his personality. So when I read this quote, I find it that he really meant what he said. The quote he sent  me was something like this:

“Life’s journey may require  you to have tens or even hundreds of pairs of shoes,  but at the end of the day no matter how much you like the tens & hundreds of shoes you have it’s your pair of slippers that you come home to… You know I would be honored to be your other pair of slippers.”

Upon reading the message, we immediately talked & I teased him of how cheesy he was. I even called him “slipper-flipper guy” but being the jolly-funny guy that he is, he eventually taunt me & started teasing me back saying “chiniebeenie” . I asked why chiniebeenie? He just simply said “coz you’re my other pair of slippers. You know, from the word tsinelas?!”. I started laughing out loud but instead of him stopping, he insisted that he’ll officially call me “chiniebeenie”

So that’s the story behind my nick name chiniebeenie, yes it may be cheesy & corny but that’s just how it is. 🙂