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Pregnancy & motherhood, it’s  something I’m quite familiar to. In my teenage years I practically helped my sister during her pregnancy at the age 16. From dealing on how to tell everyone that she’s pregnant, to coping to feeling all the hormonal rush & imbalance, I’ve witnessed it all. Imagine a teenager being pregnant without any knowledge in motherhood and having enough resources of her own (and her then boyfriend now husband) to take full financial responsibility of taking care & raising a baby. My sister’s pregnancy was totally unplanned. Living a carefree life then one day it all turn around, she needed to be focused.

People always thought I’d follow my sister’s foot steps. Well, I did follow her. It was her who actually did commercials & print ad stints, I just used to tag along & was her alalay in all her shoots when school permitted to.

But on the being-a-teenage-mom just when everybody expected I’d be, they were all wrong. I didn’t Ctrl+C my sister when it came to that. I’ve proven to everyone that I was different but did not brag that I was better.

Came the time I met Mr. Go through the usual friend of a friend,  we both knew our relationship’s the one for keeps but I didn’t expect we’d tie the not after 3 years of dating. To my surprise he knew, everything that he planned & see himself in the the next years of his (including mine) life, he pretty much accomplished.  Get married after 3-5 years of dating, have a baby after a few months or a year, even his career. Everything was on track.

But we didn’t know that getting pregnant wasn’t easy. We thought all along it was easy peasy, given that my sister got pregnant & everybody else who’s not trying. Maybe that’s the problem, we were trying too hard. Of all the times we’ve been “careful” in not getting me pregnant during our dating years, now that we’re carefree it didn’t do us any good. A few people advised us to just let things be in it’s natural flow.  We were to eager & to excited to build a family of our own. We were impatient, assuming & pretty much getting stressed out about it. So after 6 months of trying, I was delayed for a few days but we didn’t bother get excited about it for it already happened to me a month before & got my period then. But a week has passed & I was somewhat anxious about it. Then after getting a pregnancy test, there it is two red horizontal lines vividly seen. Yay! The moment I showed the kit to Mr. Go, he immediately smiled, did a hi-five and said “good job!” & kissed me. Haha. Funny I know but I guess after months of trying & really wanting to get pregnant I think “good job” is just appropriate 🙂

"the unexpected joys of motherhood"

So if  you hear stories about pregnancy & motherhood and you’re initial reaction would be fear of the unknown & the pain that goes with it, don’t say you don’t wanna get pregnant. You might take it back once you’ve fallen in the pit of how impatient & utterly excited you are to be a preggo and soon a mom.

Pregnancy & motherhood, it is different in every woman and as much as you want to press Ctrl+C you just can’t. The only thing you can Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V is the unexplained happiness every mother has felt right after they hear their babies cry for the first time.