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Funky Feet Winner!

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And one of the winners of the Funky Feet Giveaway is…

ME! YAY! 😀

Here’s my  Funky Feet Giveaway entry.

Thank you Pinay Mommy Online and Proud Mama Store for choosing my entry as one of the Funky Feet Safari Steppies Winner!

WINNER! 😀 Safari Steppies are my babe’s staple shoe wear for our Holiday Trip this Christmas! Will blog about that after 🙂

Meanwhile, due to my daughter’s love for Funky Feet, I’d like to share some more pictures of my fun fearless babe Gabbie wearing them.

Gabbie as a "china doll" on Halloween

Enjoying breakfast with Auntie Kim

on a family trip

another grocery time!

while malling

while dinning

another malling photo 🙂

Again thank you Pinay Mommy Online and Proud Mama Store 🙂

Funky Feet Giveaway for the Fun Fearless Babe

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Funky Feet Safari

My daughter Jasmine Gabrielle loves Funky Feet. She actually owns 9 pairs of it. Gabbie, as what we fondly call her hates wearing shoes mainly because she loves playing around the house all dressed up yet prefers barefoot. So as early as 3 months, we introduced to her Funky Feet and boy did she loved them! Now that she’s 8 months old and enjoying riding her walker and learning to stand on her own, she still prefers her Funky Feet over her shoes. I can’t blame her, these shoe like socks can fool anyone that they’re actually shoes plus they’re super comfortable & does not prevent the growth of my babe’s feet. Comfort & fashion are what Funky Feet has offered my fun & fearless 8 month old daughter.

Here are some of her pictures wearing them.

Gabbie & her Funky Feet in a party

On a family event

at another party

Funky Feet while lounging

while doing the grocery

chillin' at a coffee shop

You see, the reason why I want to win the Safari Steppies Funky Feet for my daughter Gabbie is because I know she’ll love it the way she loves her other Funky Feet or maybe even more! Plus it’ll also be perfect for her to wear it on our Christmas vacation abroad.

Now win or lose, I just wanna share to all mommies out there that if your child is like my Gabbie who hates wearing shoes but loves dressing up,  then I suggest you go & buy a box of Funky Feet for your little one. It’s perfect to match any baby’s outfit! 🙂

To order simply check out this baby online store in Philippines or check out Pinay Mommy for more information.