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Today’s Outfitey: Worn Out Skirt

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As what I’ve said before, I’ll try to post a “Today’s Outfitey” look during our vacation so here it is. You know for us moms, it’s really hard to create a well put outfitey especially when we’re elsewhere & there’s no yaya to help us take care of our kid/s. I’ve learned to pack only  what is essential & I’d rather forget to bring another pair of shoes than to forget 3 extra outfitey for my baby G. (I somehow feel all grown up!)

So pardon my “boring” outfitey look, there’s really nothing fashion-ly about this outfitey (well I think most of my outfiteys doesn’t really scream fashion much) but take note that I like doing this & (dressing up) because I am comfortable this way and I would like to share with all the women (especially moms) that being a wife/mom is definitely not an excuse to NOT LOOK GOOD & FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. Okay? Good 😉

blues clues

So since this particular vacation is all about baby G. (since it’s her firsts summer getaway) I’ve packed on clothes that are light & easy to pair with anything, these are usually shorts, skirts, tank tops and breezy cotton shirts. As for shoes I’d go for anything comfortable may it be flip flops, flats or sandals.

If your a mom who has a very hyper kid (like me) I’d say wearing skirts or dresses can be a drag. My simple tip: Always wear boy shorts! So no matter how often you need to kneel down or bend over to carry or play with your lil’ bubba, you’re always safe from the world taking a peek on you-know-what 😉


Blue tank top: Cotton On

Faded distressed skirt: Forever 21

Slip on canvas: Toms

Vintage shades: Thrifted  via

If you know me by now e you’ll notice I like vintage things, so if you’re into finding cheap & one of a kind pieces I suggest check out & I confess I love shopping online rather than in malls. Hindi ako choosy sa brands as long as I like it, deadma kung ukay yan or 3rd,4th and 5th hand pa yan! Just be careful when paying for the items baka ma-scam kayo & please wash & clean all used items properly before wearing. 🙂

Promise I’ll take a picture of my ukay finds & share it with you all 🙂

Tried & Tested: TOMS Shoes

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Toms shoes has an advocacy like no other. Their one for one movement: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. I for one am a fan of Toms shoes, not only because it’s comfortably fashionable but it’s movement has moved me that with every purchase I make, I become a benefactor and instrument in helping shoeless child.

Meet my Toms

Toms shoes in Twain

I love  that  you can use it everyday. It’s so comfortable that you can use it for driving, walking or even a day full of errands.

toms flag

Toms banner

Meet the chief

Blake Mycoskie

the guy who started it all

one for one

"The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter" - Mark Twain

I’m planning on buying a few more Toms shoes, will post here my future purchase. So if you’re looking for a great comfortable shoes that’s right on the budget and at the same time help others, I’d say go for Toms shoes. Now I’m pretty much excited for the wedge style & tiny Toms (for kids) to be available here in Manila! 🙂

Few days before my birthday, my new pairs of Toms arrived 🙂 Yay!!!

Tom's Classic Canvas Red

Toms Classic Ash Gray

You can purchase Toms shoes at any Nothing but H2O, Jump ans Swim stores


ALABANG (850-7861)

TRINOMA (915-0014)


GLORIETTA 3 (894-0278)

BORACAY (036-288-5942)

SWIM ROCKWELL (896-0950)

SWIM BORACAY (036-288-5938)

check out

and click TOMS Shoes for their official website.