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Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Trucco Mid-Year Sale

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Yes, another sale post! You know how I love unique finds? Well, three of my favorite retail brands franchised by Robinsons Retail Group are Topshop, Dorothy Perkins & Warehouse. But I have to admit, I find their regular priced items way too expensive (for my budget). Thank God talaga for sale! International brands tend to have more sale periods; End of Season Sale (eh 4 na season sila), Mid-Season Sale, Mid-Year Sale at Year-End Sale. So parang lumalabas more or less eh almost every 3 months naglalabas sila ng sale items. Bongga! May chance ang mga kagaya nating mga simpleng mamamayan na ma-achieve ang mga outfitey nila! (Sorry, this is me being so nocturnal and being perky despite my throat feeling swollen, I cannot sleep & it’s 3am, the inner becky in me is alive! LOL).

Moving on, today is the start of the sale for these four clothing retail giants; TOPMAN Topshop Dorothy Perkins , Warehouse & Trucco.

Yes, sale away, sale away, sale away! We love sale. Who doesn’t? Aside from the long lines cueing in the fitting room and cashier, the lack of and broken sizes, the hassle of wrestling with other women for that perfect dress and the poor, bored,even forced or  kidnapped boyfriends or husband who are patiently waiting/accompanying  us. Regardless of all those hassle scenarios, discounts are always important to us (not only women, mga men umamin na kayo).

I confess, I only get to buy these brands during sale because that’s the way I’m wired. I would really control myself whenever I see their latest collection, knowing that eventually, they’ll put it on sale (super pray that they will, most of the time the items I want are always included on discount sales). Plus, I don’t want to be saddened with the idea that I bought something on a regular price, knowing that someone else bought it for 50% off or more! Sayang ang pera! :p

Whenever I hear the words “ala-Topshop” I always tend to imagine florals, detailed cuts & flowy dresses. Yan ang peg ng Topshop. So if you can find those elsewhere like (Ebay, *ahem ahem*) eh why not?! But if you must buy from Topshop, now is your chance! 😉

Because sometimes, quality over quantity is more important. Invest on KEY PIECES people! Everything else, you can buy elsewhere! The orange colored word is speaking to me! S-A-L-E :p

Even their websites speak sale (how I wish online shopping globally/ internationally would be easier here in the Philippines, for it is more convenient to shop online especially if you’re very familiar with your sizes, its so hassle-free) Don’t blame these brands for being a little pricey than the rest. The offer unique designs & clothes thantare really worth keeping! Instead, you can blame yourself for not going to the store nearest you to check out their sale items! (I know I’d blame me!) LOL.

Spreading all the “happenings” that I know of, because sharing is caring! So if you guys know any events in advance feel free to spill it to me even a day earlier so I can write about it! Send me a message/comment/email: gojackietong[at]yahoo[dot]com

Perfect way of spending your paycheck! *evil laugh* and a good way of refreshing your wardrobe  & spending your weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone! 😉

P.S. wag nyo naman ubusin lahat ng mga US 3-4 sizes na damit ha. Pati mga UK5/US38 na shoes. Tirhan nyo ko! Kthanksbye! 😉