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Today’s Outfitey: Dr. Martens Boots

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Boots like any other shoes are essential to ones shoe collection. It is a very versatile piece that can go with almost any outfit.

I have a love affair with Dr. Martens boots. I remember back in grade school that it was one of those “it” shoes. Aside from its durability, DMs (as what it popularly called) had always been a classic favorite, its rubber soles are tried & tested to be slip proof (a plus for someone who’s a clumsy *ahem*).  And now, more people are beginning to appreciate its beauty.

So for today’s outfitey, I give you my first look on how to wear/pair them in any regular looking outfits.

Floral Power! :p

I specially love wearing these during the rainy season and come Christmas time, it just feels perfect wearing it on such weather & event. Dr. Martens boots may appear “manly” especially if it’s a 6 or 8 eyelet black one. So I suggest you experiment and pair it with more girly clothes. You wouldn’t want to look all grudge-y and emo (not unless you really want to) by pairing it with dark-colored clothes as well. But if you plan on doing so, better be sure to put a little color to it through accessories to get that girly feminine look. In this outfitey, the floral print on my dress & the pink colored lips I sported makes it look feminine. 😉


Floral mini dress: Topshop

Off white elastic belt: Mango

Black sling bag: Mango

Floral 6 eyelet boots: Dr. Martens

I hope eventually I get to “collect” few more DM boots. I specifically love the floral prints, metallic colors & their collaboration with Sanrio. Check out their website for more of their products Dr. Martens Airwair- Shoes, Boots and Sandals.

That’s all!



I’ve got mail!

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Look at what came in the mail today.

Private Sale Invite

More than patronizing local brands, there are some international brands that have been part of my closet ever since. Among the few would include Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Mango & Zara. I have made a few friends from the staff of the said brands, mainly because I always have items reserved. Lucky for me, they have been very friendly and always keep me posted for new collections and pre-empt sales. It’s that time of the year again when mid-season sale is up and about. This time I got a VIP invite for Topshop, Topman & Dorothy Perkins Mid-Season Sale. Trivia: These three brands are exclusive franchise of Robinsons Specialty Stores Inc.

Thanks Robinsons Specialty Stores for the invite 🙂 I do hope if not SM, you would bring H&M here. Oh please oh please!

Looking forward to this event, must bring my girls.

Don’t you just love SALES?! 😉