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Tried & Tested: Pancake House & Gurt’s Yogurt

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Ever since I gave birth to my daughter 7 months ago, I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle by starting to go to the gym and eating a healthier meal.

My friend Honey Teodoro blogged about  LOW SALT Advocacy (PHGR) of some of the restaurants around the metro. One of them includes Pancake House.

I have been a loyal customer of Pancake House mainly because I love American food, particularly waffles, burgers and steaks. But when Honey, blogged about Pancake House’s Low Salt meals I was curious enough to try it.

Introducing Pancake House’s Low Salt Diet

(Pardon the low quality of the pictures, I only used my iPhone)

Anyway, I tried the Grilled Maple Chicken on Fruity Salad.

low salt salad for P180

The verdict:

If you’re used to eating salty foods (like I am) then at first you might have the urge to ask your server for a table salt, but after the first bite it completely changed my mind. I found the dish less flavorful at first but then I realized that I eat too much salt and that the taste of the dish was just right. It’s not bland, the chicken is flavorful enough that no additional seasoning/salt is needed. The salad dressing  is fruity but not that sweet, it’s taste blends perfectly with the greens. Just enough flavor to give your tongue something to savor.

Over-all it’s good for your health (you’re kidneys will thank you) and easy on your budget. Good job Pancake House!

Now on with dessert.

My sister Kim has influenced me in eating yogurt & I must say that ever since my introduction to it, I’ve been liking yogurt more than ice cream.

I now give you Gurt’s Yogurt

Gurt's Yogurt

The verdict:

Sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures of Gurt’s Yogurt menu.

Basically the taste was okay and nothing fancy just your plain old yogurt flavor,                 I ordered the regular size for P70+.

If you’re a fan of Red Mango (like I am) then you wouldn’t like Gurts much. I find it’s yogurt more sour than the others that I somewhat felt it’s sourness scratching down my throat while gobbling it (not the best feeling at all).

As for the toppings, each topping is at P20, I was quite disappointed on how little each serving of toppings are. Also, they only have limited toppings to choose from but what I like about it is that they have unusual toppings such as sweetened saba. My fave! Yum!

My Pancake House experience over-all was about healthy eating and so far I am glad that restaurants in the Metro are slowly becoming part of the advocacy for healthy eating & healthy living. I wish that more establishments would create healthy menu that is satisfying and right on the budget.

So. Got anything healthy to share? 😉

Tried & Tested: I can’t believe it’s yogurt!

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With the fad about yogurt here in Manila, there’s practically tens of different yogurt stores that’s lurking in almost every mall in the metro.

I’m not an avid fan of yogurt because I don’t like it’s sour taste. If you’re a sweet tooth like me then I guarantee you you’ll love Golden Spoon. Love the name? You’ll love the taste even more coz it’s creamy & sweet like ice cream!  It’s named as “Ice Cream Lover’s Frozen Yogurt.” Also, their yogurts are non-fat while others are low-fat so this is one treat that’s definitely guilt-free. Perfect for summer, perfect for El Nino. 🙂

I’ve tried four flavors so far: Old Fashioned Vanilla,  Just Chocolate, Strawberry and NY Cheesecake. The good thing about these flavors is that it’s not that sweet at all, it’s just right and let me just say that all of them are sooooo good! I’m really excited to try the other flavors soon!

Did I tell you the perks you get every time you eat Golden Spoon? Not only is it healthy for you but if you frequent eating it, you get one 8oz. serving for free! YAY! 🙂

Just don’t forget to ask for your FREE Yogurt Card or present your existing one, complete all 8 stamps to get a complimentary 8oz. serving 🙂 YAY! More reasons to come back for more, isn’t it great?!

Now there’s a good reason to eat yogurt everyday! 😉

Visit the Golden Spoon stores:

Theater Mall Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave.

G/F Shang-rila Mall Mandaluyong City