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flower power

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Okay i don’t wanna sound like a Hippie but this blog isn’t all about Flower power in the late 60’s & early 70’s. Notice how “in” flower prints are lately? Well, they’re everywhere!

I remember my grandmothers on both sides of my family wearing flower prints on flowy dress, in short daster! Although my nanay (grandmom from mom side) & my mama (grandmom from dad side) both came from different cultural backgrounds  (nanay from a Spanish line & mama from a Chinese line) this type of clothing enticed these ladies from different cultures, maybe because they were influenced by the Filipino culture? Probably, but whatever the reason, daster is a piece of clothing older women keep as one of their staple clothes.

"my lolas' favorite clothing"

Hokay, so even before our generation floral prints are huge in fashion. I remember how my lolas would catch me using the saya (bottom part) of her their daster, they even use it to wipe dry their hands after doing the laundry,dishes or even just after washing their hands. I think my lolas possessed a wide collection of almost all imaginable print, color & pattern of flower dasters (I wonder where their dasters are?!). Fast forward to this decade, flower power is back. Well, in a modern way that we bagets (naks! bagets talaga?) okay fine, that our generation & the next generation seriously consider including in our wardrobe staple.  Funny how fashion really comes & goes. As what Heidi Klum would say:

"in fashion,one day you're in the next day you're out"

I think my mom who’s in her 50’s is slowly rejoining the flower power. She’s starting to like floral prints again & see them in a different light. She’s used to seeing her mom wear & flash those dasters and now she’s seeing the floral dresses everywhere. I asked her if she wants the daster type of prints or the one that’s “in” right now. She’s betting on neither, but insisted on getting some random unnoticed flower print that suits her style.

I confess I only have one floral print top in my closet & I use it as a pambahay . I admit I’m not a fan of prints. I find it hard to mix & match and that I don’t consider prints to be staple (although I do have some stripped printed long sleeves) But one day, as I go through my closet, I realized it’s time to buy one. Then again if I buy one now it’ll look like I’m riding with what’s “in” right now and I’m not, I’d like to think of myself as somewhat a trend-setter in my own right. I am not a fashionista and I don’t go with trends rather I make my own one. So now that I’ve realized that I want floral prints, I ask myself am I becoming a fashion victim?

Maybe now is exactly the right time to update my wardrobe whether the clothes I want are  in fashion or out, it doesn’t matter. As what Yves Saint Laurent would say:

"fashion fades, style is eternal"

If there’s something I’ve learned its that these clichés are true:  “It  really doesn’t matter what you choose to wear as long as your comfortable & confident in wearing it” and “It doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks”.

So if my mom is confident enough to know her own style at the age of 50, then so can I! Now being in the new chapter of my life, it’s time I show my style & not my fashion.

‘Coz flower prints then remind me so much of my lolas’ daster but now, I think I can give a new meaning to it. Hello flower power! . 😉