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who am i?

Hokay, here are random little somethings about me

I’m a sucker for CHOCOLATES & JUNK FOODS!

I graced the modeling world when I was 17 (it was actually my sister who was a model, i tagged along during one of her shoots & eventually landed a project).

I am obsessively compulsively spontaneous .

I am a perfectionist & meticulous just like how a Virgo is.

People think I’m mature than any other my age, I think so too.

I’d rather that your ignorant than stupid.

I don’t drink beer but I love tequilla!

I have a pretty good sense of humor, i laugh easily & at times corny.

I like the process of learning.

I can’t stand creepy crawly slimy things.

I am a frustrated dancer.

I suffer from sleep paralysis.

I like the colors GREEN, GRAY & BROWN.

Shopping & food makes me happy.

I look forward to events that involves family & friends.

Family first.

My favorite childhood game is patintero.

I have a knack in creating artistic things.

I have a thing for trinkets & miniature things. KYOOT!

People always assume I’m obnoxious when apparently I’m just shy.

I think showbiz & politics are the same, it’ll either make or break you.

I like trivia & facts.

I always like to be in control of things I have power over.

I am my husband’s number 1 fan.

I’m a curious cow.

I’m a defensive driver.

I like doing favors for others but don’t take advantage.

I’m a night person.

I’m a worrier but I’m slowly changing that.

I try to get what I want but not when I want it.

I am in love with my husband & daughter.

Born in ’85, a year as a wife, mom for 1 year 2 months & counting.

I am determined & disciplined if need be.

My goal is to retire by the age of 50.

An entrepreneur: For my business to grow as a big company & my end goal is to own my very own corporation.

To live a simple yet comfortable life is enough for me.

My biggest insecurity is my almond-eyes which everyone find as my biggest asset.

I am adventurous.

I am bipolar,(self-assessed) moody but mostly perky.

I think I was gay in my past life.

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  1. what kind of modeling stints have you done? anything i might have seen you from? ps i loooove your eyes!!! – ms c

  2. i really adore you since high school days! you really inspired me everytime you post messages on your wall. i like OUTFITTEY on your blog! keep safe! nabasa ko na ata buong blog mo 😉

  3. aronasuncion

    Wow, I am inspired to write more. Sana youll write more of your personal thoughts on a more intimate touch. As a reader, I want to get to knw you more
    Nevertheless, It’s awesome, sana meron din outfit of the day for Guys. haha!

    Hope u dont mind including you in my blogroll.

    Thanks. Keep inspiring people!

    • Hi Aron! Naku I have a lot of personal thoughts on issues that is relevant to me! Sige I shall try to post more of that. Also I’ve been meaning to create an outfit post for men, yun lang wala akong model for that (the husband is too shy to do one!) pero sige let me work on that! Write more so you can inspire others as well! 😀


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